Don’t Overlook Cosmic Energy Healing Just Yet

To most skeptics and believers of science, the idea that we may possess “cosmic energy centers” within us might sound ridiculous but the fact that reiki, yoga, qigong and several other alternative health practices are being recommended to patients alongside conventional medicine indicates a trend in its general rate of acceptance. There has been little to no evidence to scientifically back the effects of most of these practices but at the same time, it seems to help numerous people. Read on to learn further about cosmic energy and its incorporation alongside western medicine and modern exercise.

Chakra And Energy Medicine

If you have ever been to a yoga class, you might have heard the term chakra being thrown around every now and then. Chakras, according to Hindu beliefs, contain seven main psychic energy centers that are arranged vertically along our spinal column. Each of these seven centers are believed to be able to transmit cosmic energy through the body. Energy healers across different cultures may have used varying terminologies or methods but they are all based on a relatively similar principle. For example, prana and ch’i derived from ancient Indian and Chinese philosophies respectively, represent the idea of the life force, life energy or subtle energy that is a part of all things living. These ideas form the basis of many energy healing forms around the world.

Energy And Western Medicine

An article published in the journal of Evidence Based Complementary And Alternative Medicine, “Subtle energy is the foundation of integral physiology, which is a medical paradigm that unites the enormous contributions of Western medicine with the profound insights of Eastern systems of health—a truly integral philosophy of healing.” This fusion of western and traditional eastern medicine has already benefited a large number of people and has helped them tackle a variety of health issues.

Cosmic Energy And The Pineal Gland

Numerous associations have been made with regard to the role that the pineal gland plays biologically to that of the effects of prayer and energy healing. An article authored by Len Wisneski and Lucy Anderson says, “while the pineal is the energy transducer that sends hormonal and electrical messages throughout the body, the chakras, as described in Eastern religious and medical systems, may well be the energy transducers for subtle energy. Therefore, various forms of energy, such as light, sound, electromagnetism and the putative energy behind the healing effects of prayer, are translated into electrical and chemical signals within our bodies.”

Chakra Or Energy Based Healing Practices


Yoga is one of the many practices that utilize the principle of chakra healing. It is believed that by following specific postures and breathing patterns, it will help clear internal energy blocks that do not allow a free flow of chakra energy. Yogis believe that by clearing these blocks a sense of balance and peace can be achieved.


A rough statistic estimates that 1.2 million Americans have tried Reiki. It is one of the most sought after energy healing practices. Reiki practitioners are known to place their hands on top of the patient and help the patient initiate his or her own healing process.

Chakra Meditation

Practitioners of chakra meditation believe that it is possible to cause healing to specific areas of their bodies by focusing their energy on to the associated chakra point. They believe that the process is calming, helps bring about positivity and leads them to find resolutions to various emotional and physical problems that they might be having.


Qigong is a form of traditional Chinese medicine where a practitioner directs ch’i into the patient. It is said to help regulate the flow of ch’i or life energy within the body using various exercises, postures and breathing techniques.


The feet and ears that are believed to be connected to vital organs. Reflexology involves applying pressure to these specific parts and is claimed to cause healing. Although, benefits recorded seem to indicate that the relaxation caused by reflexology could be attributed to the expected feel-good feeling after any regular foot massage.