How To Prepare A Meal Even When You Have No Time

How to cook a meal when you're busy.

Our busy and hectic work hours often force us to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. We tend to order in, or eat out every other day, feeding our body with food that’s far from nutritious. However, it’s essential that we make time to cook and eat healthy, despite the strenuous schedule. Here are a few pointers on how you can make time and squeeze in a cooking session even into a busy day.

1. Stick To The Easy Recipes

Don't go for complicated recipes.


Cooking needn’t be complicated. If you’re low on time, don’t opt for long recipes that take forever to read, and forever to prepare. Learn a few simple recipes that don’t demand over 15 to 20 minutes of your time. A healthy plate of pasta, pancakes, pudding or a veggie soup are not only nutritious but can also be cooked in a jiffy. Just ensure that the meals are nutritious, avoid processed ingredients, and you’re good to go.1 2

2. Cook Once, Eat Twice

Cook enough food to eat through the day


Follow this oldest trick in the book to save time and energy on cooking. Whenever you get the chance to cook a meal, prepare large quantities of it. This food can double as your breakfast and dinner for the day, eliminating the need for another cooking session.3

3. Keep Your Pantry Stocked

Keep your pantry stocked with ingredients you need for the week.


The last thing we’d want to do on a busy day is to spend an hour at the grocery shop. We often realize that we’ve run out of produce only when we begin to cook. To avoid this, always keep your pantry stocked. Purchase a week’s worth of groceries on a Sunday to ensure that you don’t find yourself without ingredients at the last minute.

4. Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals in advance.


Don’t spend that Thursday morning wondering what to cook. Plan your meals in advance, and create a cooking task list for the week, by noting down the ingredients you would need for the week. Not only does this save you from the trouble of hunting for recipes when you’re busy, but it also helps you avoid buying ingredients that you don’t need for the week.4

5. Opt For Precut and Prewashed Produce

Buy pre-cut veggies.


If you live alone, or cannot share your chores with anybody else, it wise to buy pre-cut and pre-washed produce. Don’t waste time chopping the veggies, when you can take a shortcut and purchase pre-cut vegetables, and save ample time and energy.

6. Partially Cook Your Meals Beforehand

Partially cook your meals beforehand to save time.


Prepare for a hectic week by pre-cooking some of the meals in advance. You can pre-cook beans, sauces, and rice and use them later to prepare your meals. This cuts short your cooking time significantly, and does not give you an excuse to skip the cooking session.5

7. Try A Slow Cooker

Try A Slow Cooker


If you’re going to be out of home for several hours in a day, you could consider investing in a slow cooker. Just add the ingredients in the cooker, before you leave home. By the time you return, the ingredients will be cooked. The slow cooker never heats up enough to burn your food, so you can leave it unattended for long periods of time.6

The next time you’re tempted to order in, think again – these cooking tips will help you whip up a delicious, healthy meal in just a few minutes.