Conversation Starter Tips For Introverts

Saying ‘hello’ to someone is the biggest hurdle that introverts face. It takes a lot of courage for an introvert to set aside all his/her issues to start a conversations with a total stranger. People often tend to misunderstand silence of an introvert with rudeness. But the silence that introverts carry around with them are just their hesitation to start a conversation that stems from their deep-seated shyness. They often go blank when it comes to starting or holding up a conversation with a stranger. Fortunately, some of these issues can be easily fixed by inculcating little changes. Practice is the key that can help introverts in overcoming their fears.

Social skills are a vital aspect of our lives. Introverts can muddle through schools and colleges, but their lack of social skills can really hamper them when they become a part of the professional corporate world. Social skills play a vital role in dictating our progress in our careers. Corporate world always prefer an extrovert for a leadership role over a skilled introvert. People skills are important, not only for our careers but also in our social lives. An extrovert is more likely to win a date with a random stranger than an introvert. It is a fact. But little changes can make a huge difference in the confidence level and communication skills of an introvert. Taking small steps consistently every day towards progress would be more effective than taking one huge risk one random day. So, the small things that can enable an introvert to say hello to a stranger are listed below.

1. Brief Eye Contact

You cannot become a charmer in a day. But you can always start small. Eye contact is an important part of effective communication. Introverts always struggle with making eye contact with the people they like. So, you can start by making eye contact with strangers at your favorite diner. Challenge yourself to exchange glances with a stranger, even if it is for a few seconds. This will help you in gaining confidence.

2. Practice Is The Key

Now that you have made eye contact for a few seconds, you can hold the next one for a longer duration. Practice is the key to perfection. So, practice making eye contact with people as often as you can. But try not to go overboard with it, as you can easily end up scaring someone.

3. Let The World See Your Smile

After being comfortable with making eye contact, your next challenge would be to smile at people. A smile is a simple physical act that can convey a wide range of emotions. You can look at a stranger and smile, and transfer your positive vibes to him/her. This is one of the most powerful non-verbal ways of communication. So, don’t hold back your smile.

4. Say Hello

You have mastered two important things: eye-contact and smile. Now, you are ready to walk up to a person and say hello. One simple word ‘hello’ can open a huge door of communication with a stranger. So, take your chance and say hello. Don’t be disheartened if a person doesn’t respond or walks away. It is alright. May be they are having a bad day or dealing with their issues. So, don’t let one bad experience stop you from exploring your other options.

5. Let The Conversation Begin

Once you have passed all the above hurdles successfully, you have opened a window of communication with a stranger. Use this opportunity to the best of your capability. You can start the conversation by appreciating the diner or a famous dish of the diner. Then, you can move on to say something about the ambiance or ask them if they can suggest an Italian restaurant to you. Initially, you might find these conversations little forced. But once you find your flow, you will be able to converse more smoothly.

Good communication is a skill that is acquired over a long period of time with practice and perseverance. So, take small steps everyday consistently to overcome you fears and to achieve your goals.