Connect With The Earth: 5 Ways Earthing Benefits Your Health

Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot on the ground? It could be on a sandy beach, on a grassy meadow, or even in a forest. For most of us, walking barefoot is not something common. But it has been found that walking barefoot on the ground and connecting to the earth can keep you healthy for a long time. Surprised?

In the recent times, “grounding” or “earthing” has seen quite some popularity in the holistic health scene. This means that walking barefoot outside lets the soles of your feet connect directly with the surface of the earth, and this is the main reason the earthing or grounding practice helps people stay healthy. True that it might sound and feel strange to ditch your shoes and dig your toes in the sand or in the dirt, but this has proved to help humanity in the long run. You always have the option to wash your feet once you come back home after a stroll on pesticide-free grass. Earthing or grounding has proved to benefit humans by lowering oxidative stress, inflammation, pain, and a lot more. Read on to learn more about grounding and how it can help you stay healthy.

Why Is Earthing Essential?

Earthing helps in absorbing the free electrons from the soil by the human body and normalize bodily functions.)

Earthing or grounding helps you connect with the natural and powerful energy of the earth, which is known to be vital for all living beings. The focus of earthing lies in the “reconnection” of the human body with the earth and boost the body’s innate healing abilities. The process of earthing or grounding is very simple: all you need to do is open your shoes and walk barefoot on the ground to connect with the soil beneath your feet. It can be done anywhere and at any time. All you need is the willingness to try something unique.

Earthing is essential due to the electrical stability it brings in the body:

1. The negative charges of the earth create a stable internal bio-electrical environment that helps in stabilizing our normal bodily functions such as, the setting of the biological clock, balancing cortisol levels, and regulating circadian rhythms.

2. Certain points in the balls of your feet let the body naturally absorb electrical charges from the earth as the skin acts like a “conductor.”

3. It boosts the activities of the brain, heart, and helps in neurotransmission, as these activities rely on electrical signals.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Earthing?

Earthing or grounding provides numerous health benefits as the body equilibrates with the electrical potential of the earth when it connects with the ground. The earth helps stabilize the organs and organ functions, and to be more specific, it offers the human body with 5 incredible benefits.

1. Reduces Inflammation To A Great Extent

The earth helps you get an influx of free electrons that help in neutralizing free radicals

Inflammation in the body is believed to be triggered by the lack of electrons in the tissues. The earth helps you get an influx of free electrons that help in neutralizing free radicals. This helps in reducing both acute and chronic inflammation and slows down aging as well. Earthing helps inflammation by absorbing electrons from the earth by the bottom of the feet and letting these electrons move all over the body where free radicals are forming. The antioxidant electrons help in cancelling out free radicals and halt the damage caused to the DNA and reduce oxidative stress.

2. Reduces Stress Effectively

(Earthing helps in reducing overall stress levels

Chronic stress is dangerous to human health and can even kill people. But, if you spend enough time in nature, you can help yourself reverse feelings of stress and anxiety. It has been proved that earthing brings instantaneous reduction in root mean square (rms) values of electroencephalograms (EEGs) from the left hemisphere of the brain and in the blood volume pulses (BVP), which help in reducing overall stress levels.

3. Improves Sleep Patterns

Earthing stabilizes the levels of cortisol and improves sleep patterns.

A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine in 2007 proved that earthing stabilizes the levels of cortisol and improves sleep patterns. This is directly related to the stress hormones and the effect they have on natural circadian rhythm, energy, and the ability to sleep soundly. Staying indoors for a long time can also bring chronic fatigue, and connecting with nature and walking barefoot on the soil can bring down fatigue incredibly. Proper sleep ensures that our digestive health, weight, and a healthy mind is also maintained well.

4. Increases Energy Levels

High levels of cortisol robs the body of its energy. While earthing helps you balance cortisol levels and improves sleep, it automatically ensures that you feel more energized as well.

5. Reduces Pain

Pain is often a result of inflammation in the body, and chronic pain can be linked to arthritis as well. While earthing helps in reducing any kind of inflammation, it can easily help you get rid of pain to a great extent. By lowering the inflammatory conditions, earthing helps you combat chronic pain that arises from chronic autoimmune disorders, injuries, headaches, menstrual problems, and many more.

If you are not sure of how to start earthing, start walking on the lawn for half an hour every day. You can also walk for shorter periods from time to time on a daily basis and walk barefoot to the mailbox or while gardening and mowing your lawn. You will find earthing mats and earthing bands on the market as well, which are helpful for people who do not have enough space and time to walk on the ground every day.