Compromising Or Losing Yourself In A Relationship? Know The Difference

Relationships are an integral part of our being. We can learn a lot from our relationships. It shapes us as people. It teaches us many wonderful things that help us to see things with a better perspective. A great relationship is based on two important things: communication and compromise. These two things form the core of a stable relationship, be it a friendship that you share with your best friend or a romantic relationship with the love of your life. We all have compromised in our relationships because we love the other person. And it is no big deal as sometimes it is required to make your loved ones happy.

Compromises that we make in a relationship can either be big ones like moving to a different city to be with your loved one or small ones like watching his/her choice of movie even if you prefer some other option. And compromises that a person makes in a relationship is entirely a personal choice. That personal choice of an individual can stem from either a good place like love and bonding,

or it can come from a dark place of emotional manipulation. Either way you should know your reasons behind a compromise.

Healthy Aspect Of Compromise In A Relationship


Compromises can bring two people closer when it is done right. Compromise can be a wonderful tool that two people in a healthy relationship use to build a stronger relationship. For example, husbands or wives moving to different cities to be with their loved ones at the cost of their well settled lives is a wonderful gesture. This is a compromise that shows true love and support when done with free will.

Compromise is not an orientation or gender specific concept. Both partners in a healthy relationship should be able to compromise when required for the sake of their relationship and extend support to their better halves. In a stable and mature relationship, people should feel free to explore their options without having the fear of offending or hurting their partners. This is possible only when

the partner is completely supportive of the other person. It can be small things like going to a concert of his/her choice or accompanying him/her to a book club that he/she wants to check out. These small acts of support can reaffirm your love and closeness with your partner. This will improve understanding in a relationship.

Negative Aspect Of Compromise In A Relationship


Compromise, just like any other emotion, can be harmful in excess. Balance is the key to maintain harmony in a relationship. Sometimes, one partner ends up doing all the compromises which can wreak havoc later. People are generally not aware of how much of themselves they are losing at the time of making those compromises. But they come to terms with it eventually. And when they do, they end having resentment towards their partners. They end up feeling used and manipulated. These negative emotions are not good for any relationship. So, it is important to know when to evaluate

your position in a relationship and stop making compromises that can later lead to bigger problems.

Compromise Is A Two-Way Street

 Two way street

Compromises must happen from both the sides, as and when required. This will create less problems in the long run. More importantly, this way both individuals will feel equally loved and cared for in the relationship. Communication plays a huge role in maintaining the balance in a relationship. Sometimes, your partner might not be aware of what you are feeling. And sometimes, partners can make unintentional mistakes as well. So, it is very important that you communicate about your feelings and state of mind with your partner. Effective communication can solve most of the problems in a relationship. So, all we need to do is to keep the window of communication wide open.

Compromises can make a relationship either stronger or weaker, depending on how two people in a relationship are participating in it. So, evaluate your stand in your

relationship and step back when it is required.