7 Components To Help Master Your Body And Mind

Well, you may have already figured out that “MISSING” is the acronym here. Broadly, there are seven essential factors to consider when we feel under the weather, inefficient or just plain dull. It could be that a combination of factors is causing you to feel fatigued and perform sub-optimally. Without further ado, let’s jump right into what’s missing in your life!

1. M For Minerals

Getting the right amount of minerals like calcium and iron is important

A healthy, balanced diet consists of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Minerals are the most underrated class of nutrients, and we do pay the price for ignoring their importance.

Minerals like calcium and iron are literally the building blocks of our body. They help keep our bones and blood health, while also regulating muscle function. Trace minerals such as chromium and magnesium have a role to play in immune function.1


Whenever we are deficient in any of these minerals, the subtlest of problems crop up. Correcting them on time keeps us healthy.

2. I For Inflammation

Foods rich in omega-3 fats are good for inflammation like salmon


This point focuses on how to reduce inflammation. All the allergies you experience, the unexplained aches and pains, chronic disorders are all because of inflammation. Foods like green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, olive oil, nuts, and seeds are all excellent for fighting inflammation. Eat more fresh produce every day.2

3. S For Stress

Stress and its negative effects are plentiful


Another factor that you must avoid, or reduce, at all costs is stress. Our lifestyle makes us prone to stress and the way we deal with situations exacerbates the problem. Having sleepless nights over work that’s left undone? Time for an intervention.

Stress can also manifest as metabolic disorders, anxiety and even depression. There is no single way to deal with stress. Although breathing, meditation, and therapy have shown promise.3


4. S For Sleep

Sleeping more is beneficial for your overall health

This point is about the lack of sleep. Ever miss the days of carefree sleeping? Wonder why sleep quality begins to suffer so much as we grow up. Sleep and stress are closely linked. Every night, we need to hit the reset button on our systems.


When we are unable to do this, we can observe a spike in blood pressure, listlessness, fatigue and in some cases, the desperate urge to break down. Seek the help of a sleep therapist – insomnia is dangerous if left untreated.4

5. I For Inhalation

Deep breathing stimulates your calming nerves


When we say inhalation we’re referring to the technique and practice of conscious breathing. Not only is deep breathing a great stress buster, in patients who have had cardiac surgery, but also deep breathing helps oxygenate the circulatory system immediately. If air is the giver of life, then conscious breathing is a positive change we can all make for ourselves.5

6. N For Nutrition

Nutrition is important to maintain a peaceful mind

We are what we eat. Many of us believe that we are getting the right amount and kind of nutrition. Well, if that were the case, why do we fall ill so often? The role of nutrition in our lives is multifold. It gives us the energy we need to work, the nutrition we need to thrive and the resources we need to live an efficient life. Heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, dental caries, poor wound healing, and anaemia are all linked to not eating the right kind of food.6

7. G For Gut Bacteria

Gut bacteria is very important to maintain your overall health

As scientists discover more about the human body, we have come to realize that our gut health and overall health are tied very closely. They help fight off hypersensitivity reactions to many of the things we eat. They help moderate our immune function. Our bacteria keep us alive.7

So now that you know what’s missing in your lifestyle and habits, what changes will you make to lead a healthy life?