4 Most Common Vaginal Problems

There are some vaginal conditions that can be quite common among all women

There are some things that many of us are shy to talk about, and the health of our area down there is certainly at the top of the list. Not all of us are comfortable sharing details with our friends if something doesn’t look quite right over there, and sometimes, it could seem scary enough to get an appointment with our gynecologist right away. However, every weird looking thing does not require a doctor’s visit, and some conditions can be quite common among women. This isn’t to say that a gynecologist visit isn’t necessary regularly, but sometimes, we can freak out more than we need to. Vaginas come with a lot of upkeep, and the efforts we make to try to make them look good can sometimes take a toll on us, and we can end up with extremely uncomfortable rashes, irritation, or itching. If you have any of these weird symptoms popping up, and you’re seriously freaking out, fret not. These conditions are common, and can be treated fairly easily:

  1. Syringoma Flesh coloured pimples

    You may find flesh colored, painless bumps on and around your vagina, and these come up when your sweat ducts are blocked. On top of appearing on your vagina, they can also appear on your face, underarms, chest and belly button region. Sometimes, there can be lesions that are bigger and more uncomfortable, but refrain from removing it by yourself because this can cause damage to the surrounding skin. They usually heal on their own, but you can also talk to your doctor about having them removed. Make sure to change out of sweaty clothes to avoid any more occurrences.

  2. Vaginal Boils Blisters filled with pus

    Even though boils can look scary, they are caused by your method of grooming. Shaving or waxing can lead to boils in your vaginal region, and are usually caused by improperly removing hair, which can lead to ingrown hairs or infected hair follicles. If these aren’t cleaned out properly, they can cause painful blisters filled with pus. Once again, refrain from popping or squeezing the boils as this can spread the infection, and make the pain and the inflammation worse. You can use a warm compress to relieve the discomfort, wear loose pants and underwear for more air in the area, and give it time to heal. If the boil becomes bigger than two or three fingertips, your gynecologist will prescribe antibiotics, and if necessary, will lance and drain the boil to get rid of the infection.

  3. Bartholin’s Cyst A tender bump near the vaginal opening

    This common condition occurs when the glands on either side of the vaginal opening become blocked. This causes the fluid the glands secrete to go back up inside the gland, leading to a painful and raised bump near the vaginal opening. It is completely harmless once treated however. The pain and discomfort can be managed with a warm compress, soaking in a bathtub with just a few inches of warm water, or even by taking painkillers while the cyst heals over. If you find the pain too unbearable, have trouble walking or urinating, or suddenly develop fever and chills, you will need a dose of antibiotics to take care of the infection, and if needed, your gynecologist will drain the cyst (when you are under anesthesia, of course).

  4. Benign Mole Patches of skin that are lighter or darker than normal

    When we see a mole or skin darkening, we immediately jump to cancer, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Vaginal cancer is quite rare, so if you see mole-like markings or skin darkening on or inside your vagina, it is most probably harmless. Most instances are always benign or related to another medical condition, and may or may not be itchy or raised. However, don’t hesitate to bring it up with your doctor to know exactly what is going on, especially if the spot is multi-colored, itchy, growing in size, or raised.