7 Common Types Of Complainers And Their Tactics

7 Common Types Of Complainers And Their Tactics

With so many dissatisfied people on this planet, it’s no surprise that there will always be complainers. If something is not going their way and they are not responsible for it, they will complain. But, they’re all not the same. There are many types of complainers who have different strategies and approaches to vent out their frustration.

Types Of Complainers

Some are perpetually angry. Some are abusive and loud. There are many types of complainers that customer service staff encounter regularly and each type needs to be tackled differently. Here, we look at some common types of complainers.


1. The Useful Complainer

Useful complainers can help improve service

A useful complaint is one that initiates appropriate action and helps avoid the repetition of a mistake, resulting in improvement. And useful complainers do exactly that. They have the perfect approach and attitude to gain redress. They are politely assertive and know their legal rights, which helps them to emphasize their point and reject any excuses or false assurances. They are brief and to-the-point, saving everybody’s time. Useful complainers can help transform and improve a process.


2. The Innovative Complainer

Innovative complainers find new ways to complained

Everybody complains so often these days that receivers of these complaints are quite accustomed to categorizing the type of complainer. Sometimes, the usual approach may not work and the complaint may have to be unique and innovative to yield results. A different approach usually catches the eye of the higher-ups and maybe followed up with immediate action. But, there are occasions when even these don’t work and a more direct and assertive approach may be required.


3. The Humorous Complainer

Humorous complainers rarely get angry

Humor has a positive effect in conversations and can help avert an ugly argument. Humorous complainers may not be always aware of their legal rights and use humor to make their point. As long as the receiver has a sense of humor and the humor is in good taste, these complainers usually get what they’re after. Sometimes, their approach may not yield the desired results if the complaint is not taken seriously owing to its humorous tone. A uniquely humorous approach may even make them famous and cause a sensation.


4. The Rude Complainer

Rude complainers are often abusive

These complainers are probably the worst of the lot. Rude complainers tend to be abusive and shout to be noticed. They are quite irritating from the complaint receiver’s perspective and things rarely go their way smoothly. Their speech is rude without any consideration that the complaint receiver is also a human being with feelings. Their emails are curt and sometimes even outright offensive. Swearing and threats often yield negative results and such complainers risk being blacklisted for their attitude. Overall, another ineffective complainer type.


5. The Constant Complainer

Constant complainers are never satisfied

These guys are never quite satisfied with any product or the service extended. They always find faults and voice their dissatisfaction to the customer service executives. Genuine companies that want to prevent any tarnish to their reputation assure them redressal, which is what these complainers are after. Due to their regularity, customer service staff usually leave warning notes for their colleagues about this type of complainer. And since they call and complain often, they specifically call toll free numbers.


6. The Fake Complainer

Fake complainers fabricate stories to get redress

Fake complainers are excellent story tellers. They fake problems in order to get some freebies. They also tend to exaggerate issues and receive compensation for the “inconvenience” they have experienced. They know that some companies go out of their way to keep their customers happy. They take full advantage of this by threatening to go public and can almost be equated to blackmailers. But, they could get into a lot of legal trouble if their fabricated story is ever exposed.


7. The Useless Complainer

Useless complainers only crib and rarely get results

Useless complainers repeat themselves over and over again without obtaining the desired results. Instead of being concise and assertive, they crib more than they ask for solutions. They’re often unaware of their legal rights and don’t know the effective way to get things done. They may seek refunds, but rarely receive them and end up getting shortchanged. They don’t follow up on their actions and are easily demotivated to quit pursuing a complaint further.