5 Common Sex Problems And Their Solutions

Though sex is not the most important part of a relationship, it does have a big role to play. It helps you and your partner bond with each other, and it sure does help keep things alive between the two of you. But as time goes on and as your relationship starts becoming older, the spark that was once there seems to fade away. Instead of being unable to keep your hands off each other, you start ignoring each others’ physical needs. You may want to get it on, but there may be some things preventing you from going at it with all your might. Sex should always be fun and enjoyable, not something you have to do for the sake of it. If you are not enjoying sex, or if you are not having any, take a step back and try to figure out where yo are going wrong. If you can figure out your problem, you will be able to find a solution for it. Here are some of the common sex problems couples face and their solutions.

1. Boredom



When you have sex with the same person for a long time, it starts becoming quite monotonous. You will be able to predict each others’ every move and there is no spark when you have sex. Being extremely comfortable with each other can also be extremely boring. The only way to combat this boredom is by becoming as creative as you can. You can tell your partner your erotic fantasy, role play, bring out the gadgets and the lingerie, and try different positions. The element of surprise is definitely enough to kick things off and to take your sex life to the next level. Just keep in mind that nothing is out of bounds as long as the two of you are up for it.

2. Laziness


Laziness is a major culprit when it comes to a boring sex life. If you and your partner do not make an effort to play your parts between the sheets, then it is not going to work out. Talk to each other about why you are feeling this way. A negative body image and being physically unfit can also be a reason for your laziness. Maybe the two of you can hit the gym together. Being fit gives you a boost of confidence, which can increase the passion when the two of you are at it.

3. Not Connecting The Body With The Mind


One thing you have to keep in mind is that sex is not only physical. When you try to arouse each other physically, you should ignore the major sex organ of your body – the brain. In order to have amazing sex, it is important for the two of you to be mentally stimulated too. Try watching something kinky, compliment each other, or talk dirty (whatever floats your boat) in order to get a heightened sense of pleasure when you get it on between the sheets. Also, spend quality time with each other when you are not having sex. Good communication and emotional intimacy will go a long way when it comes to having great sex.

4. Electronic Distractions


Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are good distractions when you are alone and bored, but when you are with your spouse, it is better to keep them aside. These devices can come in the way of you spending some quality time and snuggling with your partner. When you are in the bedroom, make it a point to switch off all electronic devices or charge them in some other room. Take this time to connect with each other physically and emotionally.

5. Mismatched Sex Drives


Are you the one who is always initiating sex or are you the one who needs some coaxing to get some action? Whatever the case, you should realize that it takes two to tango. If you have a higher sex drive, don’t force your partner to have sex too frequently. Give them some alone time too. And if you have a very low sex drive, then realize that sex is an important part of a relationship. Talk with your partner and meet each other halfway so that both of you are on the same page.

If you have any issue with your partner, never keep it to yourself. That doesn’t mean you start nagging your partner. Just communicate your feelings and emotions or it will definitely come in the way of you having a good time.