9 Common Misconceptions Women Develop Related To Labor And Birth

Most birth experiences turn out to be different from what moms anticipate. Every pregnant mom has a different birth story to tell.

If you have seen a lot of TV shows where pregnant women are raced into the hospital, you should know childbirth isn’t as dramatic—the reality is very different. Expecting women often assume that that is the best or worst way it is going to be, however, neither you nor your doctors know how your baby or your body will react when the time comes.


Here are 9 misconceptions about labor and birth you would have likely developed if you are addicted to movies and TV shows.

1. Water Breaking Is Followed By Contractions

Not necessary. Your contractions may start before your water breaks. You could also experience zero contractions long time after your water has broken—in that case, your doctors might suggest inducing labor. So if you saw a movie where a woman’s water breaks and she is being rushed it the hospital while agonized in pain, remember, things don’t always work this way.


2. Contractions Mean You Need To Rush To The Hospital

You might have to wait for long before your husband drives you to the hospital, drifting the car on the streets. The time to rush is when your contractions become so strong that you are unable to talk through it. The contractions should occur every four to five minutes for an hour or two.

So, your doctor might actually ask you to stay put and call them before arriving at the hospital.


3. The Doctor Will Be Present All This While

If you think your doctor will be present around during your labor, you could be wrong. Doctors only arrive when you are in your active labor, till then, the nurses will be taking care of you and checking you from time to time.

4. Epidurals Are Super Effective In Keeping The Pain Away

Not always. There could be more than one reason for the epidural to fail. It could be because your labor is progressing quicker than the time it takes for the epidural to take effect. It may not work due to wrong placement of the epidural needle or catheter.


5. Family Is Allowed In The Labor And Delivery Room

You will be asked to have only one or two of your family members to stay inside the delivery room during labor. However, there would be a number of strangers around when you give birth, including the doctor and a team of nurses to take care of you and the baby after the birth.

6. Birth Of The Baby Is The End Of The Process

After your baby is born, you would have to push out the placenta, which naturally follows 30 minutes after birth. So, while you will be cuddling and looking at your little one for the very first time, you might be asked to push, again. Though birthing the placenta isn’t as difficult, you would want to be done with it quickly so as to spend some quality first moments with your child.


7. Your Baby Will Be With You All The Time

In most cases, babies are taken to the nurseries and brought to you every few hours for feeding. Few hospital however the baby to sleep alongside the mother while she is in the hospital.

8. You Would Immediately Connect With The Baby

It is not always that the moment you see the baby, you will develop a special bond with them. Sometimes, the traumatic experience of the birth or postpartum hormones may make it difficult for the mother to connect with her child. This is alright and does happen in real if not reel life.


9. It Takes Around 6 Weeks To Recover

It could take around a year depending upon your birthing experience. All moms take their own good time to recover—you may believe you would be back to being on track but you really don’t have to abide by the rules, because there aren’t any.

Hope you steer clear of these misconceptions and have a happy and worry-free birthing experience.