The Most Common Insecurities Faced By Men And How To Get Over Them

Even though it is largely a man’s world out there still, men are also human, which means they have their share of fears and insecurities. Whether it’s family, career, or relationships, men go through several ups and downs which lead to feelings of insecurity. Here are 7 common insecurities most men face.

1. Relationship Stability

overcome a violation of trust

Like women, men too get insecure about relationships especially if you’ve cheated on your girlfriend or been cheated on by your girlfriend. It’s hard to overcome a violation of trust and you begin to question either your own integrity or the integrity of your partner. To overcome this insecurity, have a sense of stability in your relationship and always keep the communication channels open.

2. Job Security

distress about your job security

For most men, their identity is linked closely to what they do for a living. Fear of failing

to live up to an employer’s expectations, suddenly being without employment, and distress about your job security in the future are all ways in which this insecurity manifests. The best way to tackle this insecurity is to find out to what extent the insecurity is rooted in rational and reasonable thinking versus irrationality. In most cases, your fears would be unfounded.

3. Financial Security

Sound financial and family planning)

Money is always on a man’s mind because he is looking at the next five, 10, or 20 years of his life and how it will pan out. Going from dating to engaged or engaged to being married, and the addition of children can be incredibly stressful if he’s the sole provider. Sound financial and family planning can help you avoid sudden expenditures. Apart from this, you can also include regular meditation to cope with the stress.

4. Body Image

work out to sculpt a leaner physique

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Not just women, men too are concerned about their height, physique, or appearance. When you get too concerned about your body and image, it leads to a perceived inferiority. Such issues are usually a result of cultural preference or societal norms. The only way out in this case is self-acceptance. You can’t change your face or your height. However, you can work out to sculpt a leaner physique which can give you a boost of self-confidence.

5. Emotional Intimacy

form deeper, more meaningful connections

Because men are expected to be strong at all times, being honest and vulnerable in a relationship is a very common issue for many men. They would rather break it off with a potential life-long partner rather than show their softer side. There could be several reasons why you try to escape emotional intimacy. But if you want more from your relationships in life, you need to learn to trust people and open up more. It may take time but

you will surely form deeper, more meaningful connections.

6. Not Meeting Expectations

(be honest with yourself

Demands you place on yourself and those that are set by your superiors, family, or peers can make you feel like you’re constantly in a race to perform. And because the bar is held so high, feeling of disappointment, resentment, and incapability are bound to follow. The first thing you should do to get out of this vicious cycle is to be honest with yourself about what your expectations really are. Then focus on the things that matter you without worrying about the competition.

7. Exhibiting Emotion

Start expressing sadness, love, and sympathy

The fact is, some men are just really uncomfortable exhibiting emotion or receiving another person’s display of affection. This results in you having a hard time empathizing with friends or making true friendships and connections with people. It’s not easy but the only

way to get out of this insecurity is to slowly open up to people who you know are going to be supportive of your emotions. Start expressing sadness, love, and sympathy without holding back and you will find that it’s a liberating experience.