The Common Fears Regarding Delivery (And, Why You Shouldn’t Let It Overwhelm You!)

Most women are either excited or too tensed when they are pregnant. It’s the fear of the unknown and the pain that they have to go through, and doctors agree, that it is this fear that can unnerve even the calmest souls.
If you are pregnant and think you can get everything sorted by just planning in a detailed manner, think again, for often this approach fails. As soon as the delivery time comes, even if your birthing plan is as detailed as War and Peace, chances are everything is going to be topsy turvy. The truth is that it’s your baby and Mother Nature, who are in charge of how things go down under.


Labor Pain Horror Story
The big day is finally here, and you can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms. However, amidst all this excitement, you are breaking out on a sweat even at the mention of

labor pain. What increases that fear further is abundance of scary pregnancy stories doing rounds in the web.
Of course, these stories exist where pregnant ladies don’t reach the hospital on time, or have painful labor (imagining the pain equivalent of crushing multiple bones together), doctor failing to come, etc. What is different is that these stories are not meant to scare you but to make you responsible and evade fear.
The stories should be read to have a better perception of labor pain and what it involves. The birthing plan should be drafted according to your choice. Remember that contractions do not cause injury, so talk to your doctor to understand it better. One thing though, chose people around you carefully. Ask for a doula. Stay calm and positive and be as comfortable as possible. Those breathing techniques do help, so do them. There are pain relief options available, if you need it go for it.

Guilty Of Epidural
Utter the word ‘epidural’ and the first image that would

come to your mind is a long syringe being inserted in your spinal cord. Ouch!
But that’s just a pictoral representation of the process. Before the syringe is even inserted, the area is numbed with local anesthesia. Should you choose it, the doctors are careful with the entire process and makes sure that you receive minimum pain.
Secondly, the doctors monitor continuously to ensure no complications arise because of the epidural. Medical research further states that both short and long-term side effects due to epidural are rare, around one in 200 women.
Make sure to talk to your doctor about the possibilities of epidural during your birthing plan. Moreover, remember that there is no guilt in asking for pain relief with epidural.

The Dreaded C-section
Most women get scared at the mere mention of surgery, the wound, the time needed for recovery, the after pain, everything can raise an eyebrow. What needs to be understood is the fact that C-section is often the last resort for the

doctors if they see that the mothers are unable to give birth naturally.
The risks involved are very less, and if you are being taken for a C-section it is mostly because there would be complications if you go ahead with a vaginal birth. Most of the time, the common reasons for a C-section is because the baby is too large, is premature, abnormal positions of the baby or because the cervix has not dilated enough.

Fear Of Embarrassing Yourself
You must have heard of women having a bowel movement when in labor, and you must be dreading of the same. But doctors have assured is that pooping in labor is actually a good sign because this means that your baby is on their way.

Still Dreading Delivery?
Here are ten ways you can reduce your fear of childbirth:

1. Find out what is making you anxious: Know what’s causing your anxiety and then try to ease them.
2. Don’t wait till the last

day: Begin identifying your fears before your labor starts as this would help in addressing them.
3. Learn calming skills: Meditation and breathing exercises helps a lot.
4. Learn more about pain relief: Ask your doctor about the various pain relief options that are available.

5. Explore birthing options: If you fear the hospital, you can choose water birth or other options. Consult your doctors for all your queries

Being in labor sometimes feels like the wrath of God. There is blood, pain, tearing and pushing and fear all of which would engulf you if you let your pain rule you. It’s time to act smartly and ensure that the pain doesn’t get the better of you. Just be prepared for everything and challenge them head on!


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