Committing 100% To Achieving Your Goals

If you want anything in your life and you want to achieve it with as much ease as possible, then start by committing 100% to it. The difference this makes in your results will amaze you.

You might think, “Well of course I’m committed to having this in my life.” But are you 100% committed to it without any hesitations or reasons why you think you might not be able to achieve it?


Be Positive About Your Mission

If reaching your goal isn’t 100% congruent with your beliefs, you’ll end up sabotaging the results in some way. As author, Denise Linn is fond of saying, “The soul loves the truth”. So does the rest of us – from our bodies to our minds.

If we somehow harbor beliefs about whether or not we deserve something, are “good enough” to achieve it, or even that “no one in my family has ever had or done this”, we won’t be able to accomplish what we set out to do.


Align Yourselves To Your Goals

We’ll find ways of sabotaging ourselves. It can be something as simple as missing an appointment or not noticing when the perfect opportunity shows up to help you. But by becoming completely in alignment with your goals and desires, you’ll find yourself more aware of the steps you need to take. You’ll also find there’s much less struggle involved.

Suddenly you’ll find yourself saying “yes” to a meeting or a proposal that supports what you’re trying to accomplish. If, in the past, you had the belief that “I don’t deserve this”, you might have turned down those opportunities because you didn’t believe in yourself.


If you’re looking for more ease in accomplishing your goals, then I suggest you take the time to explore this. If you can be completely honest with yourself, you might find there are a few reasons you hadn’t been aware of, that stand in your way. Once you identify them, the next step is to remove them.

  • Is it easy? Not always. But as you practice this everyday, it becomes more of a habit. Try it. See if you can identify the important things you’d like in your life. Your “noble truths” as they’ve been called, or your “true values”.
  • Once you’ve identified them, check on how much you’re committed to having them in your life. If it’s not 100%, explore what it is that keeps you from being able to commit. Are there old beliefs from your life? Maybe messages from parents, siblings, or teachers? Whatever they are, choose to change or release them from your belief systems.

The Emotional Freedom Technique

One of the ways I work with clients, is by using EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique helps access the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind where any thoughts or limiting beliefs are stored.


When you know what the blocks or beliefs are, you can do the work to get rid of them. Again, EFT is an excellent way to do this. It helps to move quickly through them and release them for good.

Some basic examples of beliefs that hold people back are:

  • Life is hard
  • I don’t deserve this
  • Nobody in my family has ever done this – who do I think I am?
  • It will take too much time or effort
  • My life is too complicated to be able to do this

The list goes on and is personal to each person’s life experience. The above examples are just a few to help you start thinking.

Pen Your Thoughts On Paper

If you want to identify any blocks you could be holding on to, find a time when you won’t be interrupted. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down any messages you heard growing up that might be the culprits. Anything a teacher, parent, or older sibling could’ve said. These are usually said with absolute conviction and were meant as a way to help you be responsible in life.


Unfortunately, these are the very messages holding us back most times. Some of these messages also come in the form of what we’ve observed about our lives or other people’s lives. If you take the time to do the work regarding this, you’ll be rewarded with better results and more success.

Once you’re able to commit 100%, not only will your awareness open up to different possibilities and ways to achieve success, but your determination will also grow. I hope you’ll dare to explore what it is that truly brings you joy and then commit 100% to having it in your life.