Clear Nasal Congestion And Blocked Sinuses Using Your Fingers

Allergy and flu seasons come with nasal congestion and heaviness in the head. It is very difficult to breathe when that happens. This congestion happens when the lymphatic system produces a lot of fluid that fills up our sinuses to fight an allergy or infection. This produces the heaviness in our heads and the congestion is our nasal cavities. Lymphatic fluid filled sinuses and congested noses can make our daily lives very difficult. Carrying out daily chores with a heavy head is not an easy task. Our productivity goes down because of these pesky problems. But it is not feasible for an allergic person to keep avoiding work during an allergy season. Medicines sometimes come with drowsiness and other complications. So, what can people do?

Sometimes, our answers lie in the unusual. In this case, our answers lie in our hands, more specifically in our fingers. Louisville massage therapist Heather Wibbels has an unusual exercise that can provide us with relief from this nasal congestion and filled up sinuses. This exercise requires only our fingers and some simple massage techniques. This massage focuses of the lymphatic system in our bodies that causes the nasal congestion and heaviness in the head.


Lymphatic System And The Congestion

The lymphatic system is a complex network of lymph nodes and ducts. This system is present all across the body. This complex system is responsible for transporting antibodies and white blood cells all across the body. It helps in the immune response as it transfers the immune cells to the sites of infection. Unlike other systems, the lymphatic system has to rely on many other units like muscular units, water intake and other bodily movements to get lymph moving through the ducts. Our normal lymph flow can get affected by a lot of other factors like fatigue, stress, cold temperature, infection and even genes.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a holistic therapy in which the lymphatic system is stimulated by a series of rhythmic massages that can increase the flow of lymphatic fluid and also help in removing stagnated toxins from our bodies. A skilled therapist can activate our lymphatic systems using this technique to address a lot of conditions.

A simple version of lymphatic drainage massage can be done by us to get rid of our congested noses. But refrain from taking this on if you have an acute infection, fever, inflammatory disease, any sort of heart conditions, active bleeding, any type of cancer, lump or tumors. Also, do not indulge in this if you are going through a high risk pregnancy.

How To Get Rid Of Nose Congestion And Clear Sinuses Using Fingers

Place your third or ring fingers on the interior of both your collar bones and start pumping or pressing gently. Keep doing it for 50-100 times. This will change the pressure in your ears and start easing the fluid flow down your throat. Now, place the top part of your hands right underneath the ears and start gently massaging in downwards motion with the surface of our fingers. Continue this for about 50 times. You might feel a little tickle in your throat. Now cup both your hands and put them behind the back of the neck. Massage in the downward motion and do it 50 times. Now make your hand in the live long and prosper sign (Spock hand). Put your ears in between the v-space with two fingers each on both sides of the ears. Now, gently massage in downward motion. Do this 50 times. Now go back to doing the cup behind the neck move for 50 more times, followed by the underneath the ears with your top part of your fingers move for about 50 times. And then end the massage with the first move by doing it for 50 times. This massage will drain out all the congested fluid and clear out your sinuses beautifully.

So, do this today to breathe freely without congestion and pass on this knowledge to others in need.