Cholesterol Syndrome: Myths and Facts

Cholesterol Syndrome: Myths and Facts
Cholesterol Syndrome: Myths and Facts

Alternative medicine has taught for years, that cholesterol is the fireman at the fire – but cholesterol DOES NOT cause the fire.   Alternative medicine has taught for years, that inflammation causes heart problems.   Low cholesterol does cause heart problems and a variety of other issues – even Ayurvedic medicine, 1000s of years old – knew this.

The higher the cholesterol, the better your health!!  Studies repeatedly show this. Why?

  • cholesterol is required for a huge number of processes in the body
    • the membrane of every cell in the body
    • bile that breaks down fats in your gut
    • making Vitamin D
    • insulating your neurons so that they can function
    • making testosterones and estrogens
    • and the list goes on and on
    • your liver makes over 80% of your cholesterol – for a reason!!

But conventional medicine has been taught, since the 60′s, that cholesterol is the problem.   The research that supported the concept that cholesterol was the problem – was hugely faulty and poorly understood.

We have been teaching this for years…decades of research has shown that cholesterol and saturated fats are not the problem


But conventional medicine makes a lot of money by prescribing statin drugs.  Statin drugs not only prevent your body from making the much needed cholesterol BUT it also prevents your body from making the even more required C0Q10 – needed in every cell of the body to make the fuel for the cell to function!

Now leading heart surgeons and pharmaceutical researchers (who are often retiring) are coming out and acknowledging the Cholesterol Myth.


We want to eat foods that regulate good cholesterol levels…

Eat good healthy fats:

  • Seeds:  ground flax, hemp and salba/chia seeds
  • Fruits: avocados, olives
  • Healthy oils:  coconut, avocado, walnut
  • Meats:  organic meats (grazed without hormone and anti-biotic injections)
  • Fiber: Only plant foods (vegetables, fruits, legumes, unrefined grains) contain dietary fiber. The soluble fiber found in foods such as oat bran, barley, psyllium seeds, flax seed meal, apples, citrus fruits, lentils and beans are particularly effective in regulating cholesterol.
  • Herbs:
    • Artichoke Plant – The leaves of the artichoke contain a special type of fiber that will help to block the absorption of cholesterol in your body, Not recommended to take this herb if you have problems with your gall bladder.
    • Celery – the leaves and stalk both have a very specific effect on cholesterol. You can seriously lower your LDL cholesterol by eating lots of celery
    • Garlic – not only helps regulate cholesterols but also helps to thin the blood – do not use if you are on blood thinners
    • Ginger – Ginger is an herb that is used in many an Asian dish to add a bit of flavor and tang, but it will help to regulate your cholesterol levels as well as make your food taste great. You can take ginger tea to help fight sore throats and control cholesterol, or you can add it to your food to obtain the same cholesterol regulating effects.
    • Turmeric – an orange root is more than just a good taste in your meal. The root can actually help to regulate  the cholesterol levels in your body, thus helping to decrease the risk of serious heart problems. Eating more chicken curry is a great idea, thanks to the health benefits of this amazing herb.

Here’s to your health!!