The Chinese Tongue Test And Astonishing Revelations About Your Health

Our tongues play a multifaceted role in the functioning of our bodies. It helps us relish a delectable plate of food. It helps in recognizing different kinds of tastes. It plays an integral part in our speech. Other than playing all of these wonderful roles, it also serves as a barometer of our health. Yes, you read it right. Your tongue can reveal a lot about your internal health. Chinese naturopaths or herbalists look closely at the tongue to find out about the internal problems. These practitioners can detect many ailments like vitamin deficiencies, allergies, digestive problems, poor circulation and high cholesterol just by looking at the tongue. You might think of it as a hoax. But, if you have noticed, even western medicine doctors ask you to show your tongue while they do a health check up. So, this method can be an old technique but its effectiveness has scientific grounds as well. Your tongue is like your fingerprints because of its uniqueness. Everything about your tongue like its shape, color, texture, appearance can reveal a lot about you.

Tongue provides a road map to your health as it is connected to various parts on your internal systems. Recognizing one’s problem from one’s tongue is not a difficult thing.

Chinese Tongue Test

This is a simple technique that can reveal a lot of your internal problems that often go unrecognized due to lack of evident symptoms. Take a small teaspoon and scrape your entire tongue thoroughly. Now you can place this spoon in a plastic bag and leave it exposed under direct sunlight or under a lamp for a minute. After a minute, you can take the spoon for further inspection.


If strong and putrid smell comes from the spoon, then it indicates lungs or stomach problems. Sweet smell indicates diabetes. If the coating looks orang-ish in color and smells pungent like ammonia, then it indicates kidney problems. If the color of the coating look yellow or white, then it can be due to either thyroid problems or respiratory infections. Purple coating can

be due to poor circulation, bronchitis or high cholesterol. If you find any one of the conclusions from your spoon, then consult a doctor for a thorough check up and diagnosis.

A Healthy Tongue

A healthy tongue looks pink in color with white coating on it of medium thickness. There should not be any ulcers, teeth marks or cracks in it. You can run your finger on your tongue. You might feel little fuzzy on your finger when you touch your tongue. It is because of the presence of tiny hairs between our taste buds called papillae.

Color Of Your Tongue And Its Interpretation

1. Bright Red

Bright red doesn’t always indicate pink of health. It is ironic indeed. But a red tongue indicates nutrient deficiencies, especially of iron and Vitamin B. Iron is an important mineral that is required to create red blood cells and vitamin

B is essential for cell growth, energy and functioning of the nervous system.

2. Pale Tongue

A pale tongue is indicative of lack of hemoglobin or anemia. It can be easily cured by taking iron tablets or iron rich foods like apples etc. A pale tongue can also happen due to poor oral hygiene. When bacteria, debris or dead cells get accumulated on the tongue, it can give a pale appearance.

3. Purple Or Bluish Colored Tongue

This coloration is a by product of poor blood circulation in the body. Consuming foods like ginger, garlic and coriander can be good for people with poor circulation.

4. Yellow Tongue

A yellow tongues indicates trapped bacteria on the tongue.

5. White Tongue

A white tongue is indicative of a possible case of either oral thrush, dehydration or leukoplakia which is caused by smoking or other oral irritants.

6. Brown Tongue

A brown tongue is

an early sign of melanoma. Consult a doctor if you see this hue on your tongue.

Inspect your tongue today to know more about your health and take necessary preventive measures.