6 Changes To Make If You Are Done Being Single

Single woman

“Dating is pressure and tension. What is a date, really, but a job interview that lasts all night? – Jerry Seinfeld

Being single comes with lots of perks and excitements. People can explore their options when they are single. Singlehood can teach us a lot of important life-lessons. Casual dating is a big part of being single. But people can sometimes get bored of their transient relationships and lack of genuine romantic companionship. It is a personal choice, of course. An individual has to take that decision for himself or herself. People at different stages can avoid committed relationships because of their fear of commitments. Similarly, people can also feel the need for a committed relationship when they deem themselves to be ready. This epiphany can dawn at any time. But it is important for people to make some changes in their personal as well as dating lives when they are looking for something long-lasting. These changes will be more like challenges in the beginning but in time they will change things for the better.

1. Give Your Best Friend Access To Your Online Profiles For Some Time

 Best friend

Change is inevitable and sometimes, it is necessary. So, it will be a good change if you let your confidante handle your online dating profiles for a month. Your profile can gain from a fresh perspective. But it is also important for you to make sure that your individuality hasn’t been compromised. Sometimes, our friends can help us choose better as they see potential in things and people when we sometimes miss.

2. Attend Events Often To Socialize


Attending events pertaining to your interests can help you to meet people who share the same interest as you. Hence, it will be easy for you to strike up a conversation with someone you just met, since you both enjoy the same thing. Also, social events are a great way of meeting eligible and interesting people in a safe social setting. Its a no-risk zone for finding a mate.

3. Make Eye Contact And Smile

Eye contact and smile

In a social gathering, we often look at people and admire when they are not looking. We feel mortified if they catch us in the act. But why? Next time if the person you are looking at looks back at you; then maintain your eye contact and smile at him or her. The worst that can happen is that the person might look away. That is okay. At least now you know how he or she feels.

4. Take The First Step Once A Month

First Step

Approach someone you like by making the first move either personally or virtually. Surveys show that men always feel the pressure of making the first move. But don’t let your gender stop you from making the first move. We are in the 21st century. You don’t have to feel bad about initiating a conversation with someone.

5. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Dating Apps

:Delete Apps

It is normal to use dating apps, but to binge on them is not very healthy. You don’t have to approve all the people who like you out of compassion. You can prioritize which apps work best for you and stick to them, instead of mentally torturing yourself to be constantly on every app to see feedback. So, de-clutter your phone by deleting redundant dating apps.

6. Let Go Of Toxic Arrangements

 Let go off toxic relationships

Casual sex is a big part of singlehood. But sometimes it can lead us to people who are not very good for our emotional well-being, even if they are great in bed. This would be one of the biggest challenges you have to face while making the transition. But it is imperative for you that you do. This way you can affirm that you are looking for something great and not settling for anything less.

If you are looking for something substantial, then let go off the transitory things. You will get what you want when you are willing to go for it. So, let go of your fears and take a chance on yourself.