6 Changes That Happen During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of constant change in the body. The first obvious change is the growing bump. Virtually, every part of the body gets geared up. When the womb is growing, the internal organs keep shifting to accommodate the expanding baby.

If you actually might not know the changes that happen to a pregnant woman, here are some amazing unusual, and a totally wild array of impressive things that happen to help prepare the childbirth.

6 Changes That Happen During Pregnancy

1. Loose Joints

It is not easy to bring a baby out of your hard and bony pelvis. But nature has its own way to help create space in and around a pregnant woman’s pelvis. That’s by secreting the hormone relaxin. This relaxes and loosens all joints and ligaments. This hormone relaxes the ligaments in the pelvic area to prepare for the impending labor. However Relaxin doesn’t target just the pelvic bone, it stretches joints and ligaments all over the body. That’s a reason that some women experience joint and back pain as the pregnancy progresses. Relaxin is also responsible for the pregnancy waddle due to the bigger belly and an increased curvature of a woman’s spine.

2. Feet Expand

Hormone Relaxin is the culprit again! It can loosen the tendons in your feet too. The pressure of carrying the weight of your pregnant body could actually flatten out the feet and make them wider. Some of you might even see a permanent change in your shoe size.


3. Skin Changes

Women generally have a glow during pregnancy. But not everything is as rosy in pregnancy, especially the skin changes. In some cases it is extreme. Stretch marks are bothersome to all pregnant women. The pinkish, purple lines seen on your abdomen, breasts, thighs, and backside will also itch. Stretch marks are likely to occur in obese women, who gain weight rapidly, or with a large fetus. It only shrinks after delivery and becomes less noticeable. Pigment changes which cause ‘mask of pregnancy’ called chloasma are also common. Patches of darkened skin around the eyes, nose, and cheeks which makes you look like you are wearing a mask is why it’s called by this name. This is due to increase in melanin, a pigment which gives skin its color.

Linea Negra, a dark line running from the middle of the abdomen to the pubic bone is also a visible skin change. It is common in women with a dark complexion and fades after delivery. Acne, a teenagers problem, might also trouble during pregnancy. Hormonal changes which make the skin to secrete more oil is the reason for all the flare-ups.


4. Breasts

Typically by the third trimester, a pregnant woman’s breasts may start leaking a milky fluid called colostrum. The skin surrounding the nipples, areolas, will darken and enlarge early during pregnancy. The breasts may feel full, tender, and also sensitive to touch.

5. Bladder Control

Bladder control can sometimes get out of your control. The growing baby in the uterus presses your bladder, pelvic floor muscles, and urethra. This is also a reason why you run to pee more often. Peeing a little by accident is also expected (Oh! cmon, it’s not bad while pregnant). Childbirth can weaken the pelvic floor muscles and damage the surrounding nerves. Giving birth is not an easy feat. It could also permanently make you more vulnerable to literally pee in your pants when you laugh. Kegels is an excellent exercise for your pelvic muscles and get you back on track.


6. Body Temperature

Pregnant women feel warmer and tend to sweat a lot. This is due to increased metabolic rate and the sweat gland is on an overdrive. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Wear loose clothing to keep yourself cool.

Pregnancy affects literally every part of the body – from your hair till toenails. Enjoy and embrace it. When you see your little bundle of joy after all the hard work, it is absolutely worth everything that you go through for that one moment!