5 Challenges You’ll Face In Your Second Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant with your second baby, you’re excited all over again to hold a newborn and nurse them to a kid. Moreover, the second time you feel more confident as you already have done it once and have some experience with regard to the discomforts and progress of pregnancy.

You are aware of the symptoms, how to overcome morning sickness, and all the precautions and tests you need to get done when pregnant. It almost feels like you have a manual set and it may seem easy and more relaxing since you’ve been through this journey once. We think there won’t be anything different or new to it this time but it happens so, there are a few challenges you might encounter on your second pregnancy. Here are the 5 common challenges you might face:


1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding during your first child is relaxing and beautiful in its own way. So you may be anticipating to breastfeed your second child with the same excitement and eagerness to bond with your newborn. But then your other kid who’s a toddler by now is all fascinated when s/he sees you breastfeeding. S/he thinks it’s a toy and pokes or prod while you feed your newborn. So, you may have to alter your breastfeeding times or chances to read your toddler some story or keep him/her busy at the TV.

2. Going Out With Two Kids

Going out with your kid is always interesting. Going out with to kids? Well, it’s more interesting and exhausting. The task of getting your two kids dressed and out of that door by a certain time is almost impossible. You need to pack food for your newborn, diapers, and other necessary things before you step out of your house. In reality, it is really difficult to go out with two kids on your arms. Be realistic and plan well if you want to go out with your two kids. In fact, the best would be to leave your kids at home with your parents or friends while you go out to run your errands.


3. Toddlers Can Find Change Hard

The biggest fear most mothers have is how their first child will react and adjust to the second child. There is only so much a toddler can understand about sharing his/her mother with another child. Sometimes, the thought of sharing his/her mum with a new person angers them to a point where they may start showing angry behavior. Prepare your toddler for the huge change and give them the same attention and care you did before so that your toddler doesn’t feel left out or unattended at any time.

4. The Guilt.

When you first held your first baby, you probably had tears in your eyes and felt that moment to be the most beautiful. We develop a special bond with our first child and the intimacy has no bounds. So when you have your second child, a slight disappointment and guilt may attack you. You may feel like you have to share your time and love with both your kids now and you may sometimes feel like the intimacy and special bond you had with your first child is ending. Small changes take place like you may not be able to put your first child to bed like you did before as you have to feed your newborn now.


5. Quality Time

Mother-child bond is very important for your child’s health and brain development. When you have a second child, managing quality time between your two kids becomes a huge task. You are struggling between your newborn and your toddler, always wanting to give them both some quality time. Try and maintain a healthy bond with both your children and also try to make your toddler get aquainted with your newborn. Make sure your toddler completely accepts his/her new sister or brother.