Capturing Truths About C-Section Through The Lens

C-section is often brushed aside as an easier option for delivery as compared to vaginal birth. If there is no pushing, there is no pain—is a misconception that has developed over time. C-section is a surgery, sometimes planned, other times the only choice. A well-known birth photographer Monet Nicole has captured C-section births in a series of pictures that speak out for themselves.

Image Credits: Monet Nicole

C-section Moms Are Brave At Heart

When a C-section is planned, which it is in most cases, the mother knows the due date and is well aware of how things are going to proceed on that day. However, in the last moments, the thought of surgery is terrifying. But, she would be meeting her baby soon and that keeps her going. She prepares herself for the surgery. Dressed in the hospital gown, she is led to the operation room—she knows what lies ahead. Sometimes, she does feel alone amid doctors and nurses, who simply prepare themselves

for another day’s work. All this while, too much is going on in her mind, anticipating how things will unfold. The stark white lights and the cold operation table make her nervous as the masked specialists begin with the procedures. She receives an epidural with an ‘Ouch!’ The effect takes over and she feels her body get numb chest below. She knows that she won’t see the birth how she had envisaged it, but she realizes that it is best for both baby and her.

Lying on the hospital bed, under the flash of lights, she wishes everything goes well.

Image Credits: Monet Nicole

C-sections Moms Stay Strong

It may seem like any other surgery, but it is not always that one gets rewarded for their discomfort, patience, and endurance. sThere is a curtain that prevents her from seeing what’s happening at the other end. Many moments pass as the mother patiently waits to see her baby. She knows she is under the knife—being cut and

later sutured. The surgery has commenced. The doctors and nurses talk casually while she is lying there in the numbness and slight delusion, an effect of the epidural they say. Her partner is beside her to support her through the delivery. She is able to hear everything, the clinging of surgical instruments, her husband talking to her, and probably, her doctors chitchatting about a holiday destination. The doctor informs her that she will feel some pressure in her abdomen, so she buckles herself up. Finally, she hears the cries of her baby—the moment she had been waiting for. The doctor announces—it’s a boy or a girl, and her baby is brought to her for endless cuddling and rejoicing the moment. She is happy but gets emotional on seeing her baby for the first time. She wraps them in her arms and her warmth soothes the baby. But, the story doesn’t end. Half of her body is still numb. Her recovery phase has started. A day after surgery, walking again becomes the most difficult part of her time. This is where pain
bothers her. Getting up itself becomes a herculean task thanks to the epidural. But, she has to move—even if only an inch, and by the pace of a tortoise. She musters all her strength and gets up to walk. It’s tough, but she is strong, and she can do it.

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C-section Moms Are Beautiful

To describe the feeling of holding the baby for the first time, nursing, cuddling and kissing them is where words fail themselves. The bunch of joy has arrived, but there is no rest. The mother shifts between nursing and trying to walk. Every ten minutes, the nurses come to check on her. But, she just wants to go home with her baby and enjoy the feeling of becoming a mother. Apart from becoming a new mom, she has received the scar from her surgery—it will take time for her to recover. These scars are the reminders of her strength, endurance, and bravery that she carries with pride. Even

if those 9-months of carrying the baby inside her have come to an end, she has embarked on a new journey of motherhood.