Can Having More Sex Improve Your Productivity At Work?

Sex plays a big role in our romantic relationships. But science is increasingly discovering that it can play a big role in our professional lives as well. It is interesting to see how the connection between sex and professional productivity is increasingly becoming more apparent. Sex can boost more than just our bonding with our partners. Home life has always played a big role in the performance of an individual in his/her professional life. Bliss at home has always found to have a great impact on the professional lives of people. But now scientists are finding stronger connection between satisfying sex lives and improved performance at work.

Research Linking Sex With Increased Productivity

.Sex and Productivity

A research was recently conducted by the Oregon State University to link sexual satisfaction with improved work performance. Interestingly, the findings of the research has echoed the same result. The research suggests that active sex lives can actually help in making people more engaged in their work. The

research was conducted with 159 married employees. The employees for two weeks completed the survey by recording their sex routines and mood each day.

The survey analysis indicates that the people who indulged in sex with their partners came with much better moods to the office the following day. They felt more enthusiastic about engaging themselves in their work and getting things done. People often joke about having ‘spring in their step’ after having sex, but turns out it is actually true. People were found to have more zest towards their professional commitments, after having a great night with their partners.

The study also discovered a flip side to this connection. The researchers have found that carrying work pressure home can leave a bad impact on a person’s sex life. This was found to be prevalent for both the sexes. Work pressure can hamper both blissful domestic and sex lives of people.

Sex And Happy Molecules

Happy Molecules

Sex is a great mood booster, as indulging

in sex can increase our dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for maintaining a great sex life. This neurotransmitter helps in passing information between neurons. Dopamine is responsible for our lustful and sinful behaviors. Artist Vaughn Bell once said, “Dopamine is the Kim Kardashian of molecules.” Dopamine is responsible for a lot of good things that we feel. And sex can really kick up this neurotransmitter.

Oxytocin is another hormone that gets secreted during sex. Oxytocin is also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’. It makes us drop our defenses and trust someone. It is the key hormone that helps us forming connections with people. It plays a big role in orgasm and pleasure. Oxytocin is the reason why women only experience pleasure during sex rather than pain, as it has the same effect as morphine on our brains. It can also help greatly in bringing down our stress levels. Hence, sex can be incredibly useful in overall well-being of an individual.

Establishing Boundaries Between Work And Home

Establishing boundaries

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Researchers have found that the connection between professional achievement and sex life can be affect each other in a good as well as in a bad way. So, what can be done to reap only the benefit from this connection? Researchers suggest that we should learn to compartmentalize our lives to enjoy both. Technology has enabled us to take care of our businesses all the time. Sometimes, employers can take advantage of this advancement. So, it is important for both employers and employees to understand the value of separation of the two lives. Employers should give their employees complete privacy outside the office. This will enable the employees to have better drive to work. When employers allow their employees to have fulfilling lives outside the office, they are more likely perform in the office with more vigor and enthusiasm.

Hence, learning to compartmentalize our lives is the key to a great and fulfilling life. Sex and work both can be greatly satisfying experiences if we can learn to enjoy both separately in their designated