Can Sex Get Better With Age For Women?

Women often worry about losing their libido with their growing age. The primary reason for them to think that is because of their approaching menopause. Women feel that the hormonal changes can take away their ability to enjoy sex and pleasure. But that is actually a myth. Hormonal changes from menopause sure can change some things in women’s bodies. But women can still enjoy sex during their midlife. A lot of middle-aged women even feel their ability to experience pleasure has increased with age. Is age really a number? It sure makes you think. Let’s dig deeper to find out.

Middle-Aged Women And Libido

Middle age women and libido

A survey was conducted with over three dozens of women from the age group of 45 to 60 years. In this survey, women were asked about their sex lives, libido and ability to enjoy sex. Some women from that age group have agreed to have experienced better sex after becoming middle aged. These women admitted

to have enjoyed better sex as they were more comfortable in their skin during these years. They found their acceptability of themselves to be liberating which allowed them to have much better sex during their midlife. According to an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, women tend to enjoy sex more during their middle age because they learn to be more confident about their bodies with age. They have much better understanding of themselves and their bodies. Also, with age they feel more empowered to communicate about their likes and dislikes with their partners. All of these combined enhance their whole sexual experience. Sexual experience is an individualistic experience which varies with people and in this case also with partners.

Problem Areas For Middle-Aged Women And Their Sex Lives


There are many researches that were conducted by various groups about the sex lives of middle-aged women. There are some problems that comes with age like low libido, vaginal dryness etc.

A lot of these researches focus on the downsides of having sex for middle-aged women. A survey was conducted with 20 middle-aged women. Out of all the women, half were white and two of the women were homosexual. This survey focused on the downsides of midlife sex for women. Some of the problems that surfaced were inability to reach orgasms easily, having less frequent sex with their partners and vaginal dryness. Most of these women admitted that their first go-to thing to do in such cases is to resort to hormone therapies. These women blamed their work and family stresses to be the cause of their sexual problems than biological factors.

According to Dr. Jan Shifren, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Midlife’s Women’s Health Center, women go through a tricky time during their middle age. So, their personal stresses can play a big role in their libido. It is important for researchers to take those into consideration as well. Only blaming declining hormones for their sexual problems might not be the correct diagnosis.

The Way Forward

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Dr. Jan Shifren emphasizes on the fact it is important for women to be positive and happy. It is important for women to know their problems and how they can change them. Recognizing one’s problems like stress factors and focusing on controlling or eliminating those factors can be a great way forward. Problems like vaginal dryness can be solved by applying estrogen creams to vaginas. Partners can help in this area as well. Get your partner on board. Little support from your partner in life and in bed can make a whole lot of difference. It is important to remember aging will come with some changes, but we can look at the positives instead of the negatives to keep us happy and content.

So, don’t let your age or hormones stop you from having a good time. A strong will can change a lot.