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Can Brain-Training Games Actually Make You Smarter?

do brain games boost brainpower

Brain training games are all over the internet. They boast that can skyrocket your IQ, improve your cognitive functioning and of course memory too. Many brain training apps and games have millions of downloads online and are trending as ‘the next best thing’ for brain development. As a matter of fact, scientific researchers have proven that these claims hold no water.

They also found out that none of the brain training games altered neural functioning and no improvement was noted in the general cognitive performance of the users. These games also showed no signs of having the ability to help in delaying diseases that affected brain functioning.1


What To Keep In Mind While Playing Brain Games?

brain games can affect some areas of the brain

Games are a good way to keep the brain stimulated especially among the senile. The only issue with brain games is that they target very specific cognitive abilities. They don’t do much for providing clarity of thought and they also don’t improve the planning and problem-solving abilities.


Given these scientific claims, many consumers of brain games have begun to express their concern and disappointment. It’s best to switch off from these brain games that focus only on certain areas of the brain and instead use your time for activities like exercise and music.

No brain training app has made a solid claim with scientific proof that people who used them actually showed enhanced brain functioning. Neither can they prevent memory loss or neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease nor can they retain the youthfulness of your brain cells with advancing age.


What Can Actually Make You Smarter?

the right lifestyle choice can boost brainpower

When it comes to genuinely improving your brain functioning the following activities are what you can swear by for a healthier and smarter brain.

  • Having a balanced diet daily with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants2
  • Learning to play a new musical instrument improves your creativity, analytical abilities, linguistic and fine motor skills3
  • Reading daily is known to boost your problem-solving abilities along with intellectual capacities4
  • Regular exercise can improve your overall mental acuity along with your memory, concentration, and understanding5
  • Learning a new language can delay dementia and prevent neurodegenerative diosorders6
  • Practicing mindful meditation daily has been scientifically proven to boost your brain functioning and immunity7

Ultimately, brain games are not as effective for boosting brain functioning but at the rate at which technology is developing these days, these games could revolutionize the way our brains work in the future. Until then, it’s best to follow a healthy lifestyle with the right foods, exercise, and mental stimulation so that your brain becomes strong enough to defy aging-related effects. Your brain will definitely thank you if you treat it mindfully.