Can Increasing Your Caffeine Intake Help Your Workouts?

Researches state that drinking coffee prior to your workout will have a marked effect on the total outcome of your fitness levels. Downing 3-4 cups of coffee 30 min before your work out is recommended to give you that energy boost and accelerate fat loss.

Consume coffee without cream and sugar for maximizing your work out benefits. It is generally said that organic, whole bean black coffee is the one guaranteed to give all the benefits.

How Does Caffeine Optimize Your Workout?

–Accelerates Fat Loss:

Caffeine and other compounds in coffee suppress appetite and increases metabolism, resulting in fat loss.

–Increases Energy:

Studies have that caffeine intake before workout led to increased athletic performance. Coffee also stimulates mental focus along with increased spurge of energy.

— Acts As A Pain Killer:

People who consumed coffee prior workouts experienced less of muscle cramps and muscle pains after their session at the gym. This enables you to complete more repetitions at higher intensity and resistance.