6 Absolute Myths About The Labia Busted

myths about labia

The wondrous woman body has long been judged, objectified and scrutinized since the beginning of mankind. People with half-baked knowledge make tall and false claims of the way the female body works. These myths get perpetrated far and wide. Often they create a lot of confusion in minds of girls and women worldwide.

The labia of the female genitalia is one such entity that has been often misconstrued for so many other things. It’s high time to bust 6 myths about the labia so that women can be rightfully informed about their bodies.


1. All Women Have The Same Type Of Labia

labia can be of different types

When there are considerable differences between the right and left sides of the human body, it’s only natural that differences in organs will be present too. All human beings are unified by the fact that we are all different emotionally, mentally and physically from each other.


Simply put, it’s just impossible to assume that the labia of all women to look alive. The outer lip or the labia majora varies in size based on the amount of fat content it has. The inner lips or the labia minora can be fleshy and protruding in some women while small in others. These are just anatomical variations and have no relation with beauty, strength or feminity as a whole.

2. Labia And Vagina Are The Same

the difference between labia and vagina


Labia and vagina are not the same things and at least all women should know this fact. The labia belongs to the external part of the female genitalia called the vulva. It includes the fleshy pubic mound, the labia majora, and minora, sensuous clitoris, the outer openings of the urethra (from where you urinate) and the vagina.1

The vagina is the tube that connects the uterus and cervix in women. It’s the opening involved in vaginal delivery, bleeding, and intercourse. The labia, both outer and inner, prevent external elements from entering the delicate vagina.


3. Labia Are More Prone To Yeast Infections

vaginal discomfort and candidiasis

Yeast infections can spread to the vulva and its parts like labia majora and minora. This is known as vulvovaginal candidiasis and presents are severe itching, curd-like vaginal discharge, and burning sensation while peeing. The fungal infection often starts in the vagina due to an imbalance in the good bacterial flora and candida. Infections like these can be limited from spreading to the labia with proper care and diet.


4. Clitoris And Labia Are Just The Same

clitoris and labia are unique

The inner lips are usually confused with the clitoris. They are totally different structure although they are located near each other. The inner lips meet at the top to form the clitoral hood and clitoris. The latter has more concentrated nerve endings which play a huge role in your sexual arousal and satisfaction.


5. Labia Should Smell Fresh And Fragrant

intimate hygiene is important

Women should consider keeping their private parts clean and hygienic through proper intimate care. However, many resorts to using perfumed sprays, soaps, and washes to get rid of the natural odor of the labia. This practice can lead to allergic reactions on the delicate skin of the vulva. Frequent uses can even lower the good bacteria and allow fungi like candida to flourish.


6. Ideal Labia Are Fair And Hairless

disadvantages of cosmetic treatment of the labia

Generations of objectification of the female body through media have ingrained in our minds the false notion that the female genitals should look flawless. An increasing number of women are opting for cosmetic procedures of the vulva. Studies have found that undergoing esthetic genital surgery has become more fashionable in recent times.

Understand that being comfortable in your own kin without comparing yourself with others is crucial to find a true sense of inner peace. There’s no ideal female body and it’s time we embrace what makes us unique.2

Right awareness is key to make informed choices about one’s health. Next time, someone claims a myth about the labia, shoot it down with your factual knowledge.