Burn Those Calories in An Hour


With the demand for everything to be done quickly or within the hour, be it work or stuffing lunch, it can be hard to get some time to work out and shed those calories. So alongside maintaining a balanced diet, here are some proven work out options to help you shed an estimated number of calories within a matter of 60-minutes.

In this calorie ridden world, people are nothing but impatient to eliminate more calories in less time. By being so mathematical about what makes those calories go away quickly, optimum results are of course not guaranteed if you’re still eating excess like a hungry hog, gorging on sugar, processed or fatty food. But as long as you maintain a healthy diet, the answer to that numerical prayer for burning more calories just within an hour of some activities, is here, as suggested by The Mayo Clinic’s research.1

Although it will vary depending on weight, diet, age, gender, lifestyle and environment factors, these figures are but estimates and need to be done on a regular basis.2

Gyming Out: A mere run on the treadmill, stationary cycling or even some resistance training and weightlifting makes you lose 240 to 455 calories. Like wise to lose some real big calories, do some jump rope and remove about 1,074 calories from your system.

The Hour for Classic Sports: Whether its volley ball which burns 364 calories, baseball or even softball which gets rid of 455 calories, you could also awaken your inner water-baby and swim a few laps to eliminate about 528 calories or turn that into something more robust and make it a whopping 892 calories. If not shoot a few hoops with basketball, kick that ball in a football field or play some one on one badminton or tennis to say goodbye to 728 calories.


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60-minute Footsies: Taking it in moderation, a slow walk will help you rid yourself of 255 calories, while a brisk walk will let you burn 391 calories. Or how about bursting that walk into a jog or run? That way you could lose 755 calories to 1,074 calories for about 5 to 7 miles per hour. Or for those living in apartments or condos, run up those stairs for a change and burn around 820 calories.

Indoor Sports in the Hour: With some classics such as slower aerobics, you could eliminate about 455 calories, but doing a more brisk and higher impactful aerobics, you could shake off 664 calories. Or why not just grab some friends and head to the bowling alley, play a strike or two for an hour to shed 273 calories.

An Hour of Hobby Sweats: Want to keep it passionate or with something you love, then check out some tango, swing or ballroom dancing which is said to help you drop around 273 calories per hour. If

not, hit the indoor ice rink or if its winter-time, wait for that lake to freeze over and ice skate to reduce 637 calories. Likewise, even some skateboarding and rollerblading can help you get rid of 683 calories.


Outdoor Hour of Sports: Near a river? Try some leisure rowing or paddling in a canoe to blow off 319 calories. If not go for some casual cycling of about 10 miles/hour, and you could rid yourself of 364 calories. Do away with 391 calories by golfing it away on the open green fields or do some downhill skiing. If you’re feeling that rush of adrenaline, some hiking and water skiing helps cast off a good 546 calories. And finally for those adventure-junkies, you guys and girls could drop about 637 calories per hour as you walk or hike with that hefty backpack.

Hatha and power yoga, make practitioners get some endurance training as they have to maintain

specific poses for a few minutes and then change to another one, going from slow paced to burst-speeds between each pose. This helps one lose around 200 to 360 calories. Pilates has claimed to help cut about 4 to 8 calories by minute, while some super energetic Zumba classes, upon studying its impact on young-adult women, has shown to help shed 360 calories within half an hour. Want to lose calories and learn to kick some arse? Then an hour of Taekwondo is said to help throw off about 937 calories. Or let’s take it slow and try the Chinese martial art of slow and fluid movements :Tai Chi and burn down 273 calories.