9 Brilliant Baby Products That Adults Can Use

Brilliant Baby Products That Adults Can Use

Babies are super delicate and products that are made for them are usually safe for other humans to use as well. You’ll be surprised to know how many of these baby products can do double duty and they’re also easy on the pocket! The next time you go shopping for your infant, pick up two of everything because you’re definitely going to want to use these.

Baby Products That Are Great For Adults

1. Baby Oil: Waterproof Makeup Remover

Baby oil helps to break down tough waterproof cosmetics and makes it easier for you to clean your face.


Waterproof makeup is great and promises to not come off even if you’re caught in the rain for hours. However, when it’s time to remove it before going to bed, things can get quite frustrating. Let baby oil come to your rescue. Naturally, water won’t help remove waterproof makeup, but oil will help to gently break down tough cosmetics. Just dab a few cotton swabs in some baby oil and wipe your face, lips, and eyelashes and you’ll be surprised at how easily it comes off!

2. Gripe Water: Cures Bloating And Gas

Gripe water is very effective in treating bloating and gas problems.


Gripe water is just as effective on your tummy as it is on your baby’s. If you’re struggling with gas, nausea, or bloating – drink some gripe water and it will help cure your upset stomach right away.

3. Baby Hydration Drinks: Treats A Hangover

Hydration drinks have electrolyte replenishing powers that can effectively cure hangovers.


Hydration drinks are a must for parents, in case their little one falls sick. Surprisingly, the electrolyte replenishing powers of these drinks can even come in handy for adults by curing nasty hangovers!

4. Baby Wipes: Shoeshines, Carwipes, And More!

Baby wipes can be used to bring the shine back into your leather shoes within minutes.


This baby product can do so much more than wiping your baby’s dirty bottom! Not only are these incredibly useful for removing makeup, but can also be used to bring the shine back into your leather products (think shoes or your favorite handbag). You can even keep a few of these stashed in your glove box, so the next time a bird decides to dirty your windshield, you can easily wipe it off!

Use baby wipes to blot up spilled coffee from your clothes, upholstered furniture, or carpets – they’re very effective in absorbing both the liquid and the stain. Similarly, they can also help do away with deodorant stains on your clothes; all you have to do is go over the stain once with a slightly wet baby wipe.


Pet shedding too much? Wipe your dog or your cat over with a baby wipe to attract the loose fur and stop the shedding in its tracks. Besides, they will even leave your pet smelling great!

5. Diaper Cream: Treats Razorburns

Diaper cream is made of very gentle ingredients that can help relieve you of painful razorburns.


Diaper cream is made of very gentle ingredients that make it so soothing for your baby’s bottom. These same ingredients will be equally as effective in relieving you of those painful razorburns, particularly for sensitive areas of your body like your bikini line and your underarms.

6. Baby Powder: Dry Shampoo And A Stain Remover

Baby powder can double up as dry shampoo not just for you but also for your pets.


Nothing keeps your sensitive areas cool and itch-free like a bottle of good old baby powder. This product is also very good for cooling those sticky, hot bedclothes – all you have to do is sprinkle some baby powder in between your sheets before bedtime.

If your pet’s coat is in desperate need of a pick-me-up, rub a fistful of baby powder vigorously into the fur. Wait for a few minutes for it to settle in, and then follow up with a thorough brushing. This will make your pet look and smell fantastic! In the same way, you can use it as a dry shampoo for your own hair too!

The next time you fry food and get a greasy blotch on your clothes, try dabbing some baby powder on the stain. Rub it hard, brush off any excess powder, and then repeat. After a few repetitions, you’ll find the mark has vanished.

7. Baby Shampoo: Cleans Brushes And Delicate Fabrics

Baby shampoo can be used to clean out gunk from your hair and makeup brushes.

Baby shampoo is specifically with ingredients that are gentle on your baby’s delicate hair and skin. Which also makes it equally ideal for use by adults with sensitive skin instead of those comparatively harsher hand washing soaps and shampoos. Because they’re so gentle, they make a great alternative to those expensive dog shampoos. You can even use baby shampoo to clean out gunk from your hair and makeup brushes. If you’re hand-washing delicates like cashmere sweaters, use baby shampoo instead of your usual harsh detergent that may damage the fabric.

8. Detangling Sprays: Untangles Knots

Baby detangling sprays condition as they untangle the knots from your hair, without leaving behind any residue.

There are detangling sprays that allow you to comb through your baby’s fine hair after a bath sans any tears or fuss. You may think this product won’t be able to handle your mane but you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only will this baby product condition as it untangles those stubborn knots, it also won’t leave behind any residue. Besides, it will make your hair smell great as well!

9. Nipple Cream: Cures Cracked And Dry Skin

Nipple balm is effective in healing cracked lips, heels, and elbows.

You don’t have to throw out your nipple balms just because you’ve stopped nursing. When it’s winter, you’ll be complaining of cracked lips, heels, and elbows, and a gentle massage with some of this balm can do wonders for your skin.