Valuable Breastfeeding Tips New Mommies Can Use

New mommies are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. In fact, the subject is gaining popularity among the millennials and it is openly being talked about.

The benefits of breastfeeding have always been the same – it helps build a bond between mother and child; it helps build immunity in the infant; breast milk is easy to digest for the newborn.

While there is a growing movement that it taking the topic of breastfeeding out in the open, we have gathered articles that list out the benefits (you knew them!), problems you may face (1st-timers take note!) and herbs that can help lactating mothers.

Hope this gears you up for a stress-free nursing experience while managing their food cravings and maintaining a healthy weight!

Go, new mama!

Breastfeeding For New Mothers


There are countless advantages associated with breastfeeding and breast milk that all new mothers must essentially be aware of. Breast milk is always fresh, entirely safe and mild enough to be easily digested and absorbed by

the baby’s body. Breastfeeding develops a close, special bond with the child and allows the child to gain comfort, fondness and attachment for his/her mother and caregiver. It is important to breastfeed for at least a year in order to develop this mutual, intimate bond.

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Common Breastfeeding Hurdles


It is true that first time breastfeeding can pose a lot of hurdles and problems particularly for a new mother. Some of the most common problems faced by young mothers before or during breastfeeding are – sensitivity or soreness of the breasts or nipples, milk spontaneously leaking from the nipples, ‘Thrush’ – a common infection that can manifest in the form of soreness and a pink tinge to the nipples, and inflammation of the breasts. Read on to learn effective tips to manage the aforementioned breastfeeding hurdles.

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Making BreastFeeding A Newborn Easy For First Time Mothers


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Avoid formula feeding and other artificial methods. Red raspberry leaf, fennel, and fenugreek seeds help lactation and stabilize hormones. Consume galactogogue herbs like nettle and alfalfa, rich in Vitamins K, A, iron and calcium, by soaking some leaves in a cup of boiling water. Meet a lactation expert to get the baby’s latching-on and feeding process right

What Are Benefits Of Breastfeeding Over Formula Feeding?


Breastfeeding helps build stronger immunity and reduced exposure to infectious agents. Breast milk contains long-chain of polyunsaturated fatty acids known to be important for brain growth and development. Mothers who breastfeed tend to be at lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is also easier to digest for the baby.

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Is It True That Breastfeeding Can Help Shed Weight?


Breastfeeding burns an additional 300-500 calories per day even without caloric restriction.

Women who put on weight during pregnancy and breastfeed exclusively, can lose all pregnancy weight, six months after giving birth. It is easier to lose lower body fat (hips, buns, thighs) when you are breastfeeding compared to a mother who is formula feeding her child.

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How To Lose Weight With Diet When Breastfeeding?


To lose weight when your breastfeeding, you must consume a variety of healthy foods, choose good fats like mono and polyunsaturated fats, drink plenty of water and limit caffeine, replace junk foods with fruits and vegetables, also indulge in exercise of any kind – even a daily walk with your baby counts and lastly be realistic about your weight loss goals.

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Does Breastfeeding Cause Saggy Breasts?


Your angel suckling your breasts for months on end can result in issues like sore nipples, but saggy breasts is not

one of them. Pregnancy seems to be the real culprit. Post pregnancy, enlarged mammary glands shrink, leaving you with an aftermath of saggy breasts and stretch marks. The number of pregnancies and age affect the amount of sagging. Exercise, avoid smoking, and wear supportive bras.

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Soothing Silver For Sore Nipples In Breastfeeding Moms


Cracked and sore nipples are no strangers to breastfeeding moms. Instead of antibiotic ointments, find relief in the pacifying cool and antibacterial properties of silver shields. Not only do these shields sooth your nipples and protect them from friction with clothes, but it also has antibiotic and curing effects. Place them inside your bra over your nipples between nursing sessions.

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5 Tips To Manage Cravings While Breastfeeding


Sleep deprivation can cause sugar cravings as your body wants an instant energy fix, so rest well. Often, thirst is

mistaken for sugar craving, so stay hydrated. Include foods like sweet/white potato, squash, bananas and plantains that give you natural sugar as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Be easy on yourself even if you give in to sugar cravings, once a while.

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What Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding


Now that you are nursing, are you nervous about what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink? There are just a few tricky foods you need to be cautious about. Here is a list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding.

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5 Amazing Benefits Of Probiotics While Breastfeeding


Probiotics increase the immuno-protective potential of breast milk helping fight Atopic Eczema and enable the infant’s digestive system to mature faster, improve bowel movements and prevent constipation. They regulate good bacteria helping fight fungal infections like thrush. A healthy brain-gut connection helps prevent Autism,

ADHD and mood disorders in kids.

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