Breakfast Options That Increase Your Waistline

As eating habits change and more processed foods make their way to our breakfast table, our health takes a hit. What we consider as healthy may not always be good for the body in the long run. Foods high on sugar, refined flour, artificial flavors and preservatives can cause obesity and other diseases. Here are 5 common breakfast options that you should avoid.

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1. Ready-Made Smoothies

Ready-Made Smoothies: Breakfast Options That Increase Your Waistline

Smoothies are an all-time favorite breakfast component. But, not those that are readily available in the stores. The best smoothies are the ones that you prepare at home. The ones bought from the stores can have excessive amounts of calories, sometimes up to 800 calories. Moreover, they may contain natural sugar content similar to soda. Though they come in various fruit flavors, many just contain artificial flavors and sweeteners. The best option for breakfast smoothies is to use fresh fruits with skimmed milk and give them a good shake in the blender.


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2. Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices: Breakfast Options That Increase Your Waistline


Fruit juices are not as high in calories as smoothies. Also, they contain various vitamins and anti-oxidants. But, because they can be low on fiber, they may not be sufficient to keep you energized till lunch-time. Many people limit their breakfast to just fruit juices, which affects their metabolism and sugar levels. Mixing sugar into the fruit juice only worsens the situation. Consuming natural sugars in liquid form causes an instant increase in blood sugar and insulin levels. You are better off simply eating the fruit as a whole instead of juicing it. Studies also indicate that fruit juice is linked with an increased risk for diabetes. Eating whole fruits and lean proteins have a more beneficial effect on the body and keep your energy level high.

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3. Waffles, Pancakes, Bagels And Muffins

Waffles, Pancakes, Bagels And Muffins:Breakfast Options That Increase Your Waistline

All these everyday, delicious breakfast options are made from refined flour. Though they contain more protein than other breakfast options, they are very high in refined flour. Refined grains like wheat flour contribute to insulin resistance, obesity, type 2 diabetes and other diseases. Add some sugar or pancake syrup on them and you may have consumed more sugar than you should in a day! Foods that are rich in carbs may fill your stomach, but leave you hungry very soon. Using whole grain flour to prepare pancakes or waffles is a better and healthier option.


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4. Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee:Breakfast Options That Increase Your Waistline


While some people drink juice or smoothies, many people prefer coffee to begin their day. Of late, specialty coffee varieties have gained popularity and have made their way to the breakfast table. But, most of these beverages contain over 300 calories and sugars that exceed the daily limit. Consuming too much sugar causes hunger and craving for more sugar, once the sugar level in the blood drops. Instead of these specialty coffee choices, black coffee scores higher on the health aspect. Since coffee is a stimulant, people consume it in excess. Drinking too much coffee is associated with negative health effects, such as insomnia, restlessness, diuresis and headaches.

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5. Whole Grain And High Fiber Cereals

Whole Grain And High Fiber Cereals:Breakfast Options That Increase Your Waistline

A bowl of cereals soaked in milk may sound like an ideal breakfast option. But, read the ingredients and their calorific values more closely and you’ll know you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many companies advertise their breakfast cereals as made from whole grains or being high on fiber. Sometimes, such claims may be misleading. Cereals that claim to be made from whole-grains may actually contain high amounts of sugar, sodium, and calories. Children prefer corn flakes or cereals that are coated with sugar, chocolate or honey, which can lead them to an unhealthy breakfast habit. In the cereals you buy, 30 grams of carbohydrates should have at least three grams of fiber. Foods low on fiber can cause digestion problems.

Breakfast is considered as an important meal and has the potential to boost your energy level for the day ahead. If consumed in a healthy manner, it can stabilize the blood sugar and regulate your appetite and weight. Some people who skip breakfast altogether may argue that they function perfectly well – they may be the exception to the case.

However, a poor breakfast choice can make you hungry and leave you with little energy to tackle the day. Besides, it can also increase your risk of developing health problems. So, ensure that your breakfast is unprocessed, whole foods that are high on vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and fiber, and low on sugar, starch and sodium.