Breakfast : An Important Meal Of The Day

Quick Ways To Make Your Super Healthy Breakfast.
Quick Ways To Make Your Super Healthy Breakfast.

Guest post by Louise Cutler originally published on and reproduced with permission.

Good morning speedy professionals!


Mornings, urgh, who likes them? So much to do, so little time. Really shouldn’t have hit snooze that last time. Gonna have to skip breakfast. But everyone keeps telling me it’s the most important meal of the day, right? Always on the go. Quick, get up, get ready, and fly out the door, might just get to Starbucks before the rush..

You need your coffee and while you’re at it, those lovely cinnamon swirls, yeah the ones with the icing on top, they’re just begging to go to a good home. Join the queue (because everyone else had the same thought as you, get there early and skip the queue), tap your foot, glance at your watch; no sorry, your phone, people don’t look at watches anymore; finally order (tall skinny double-shot latte and, go on, one of those cinnamon swirl things.


“That’s £5.50″.

Say WHAT?!


By the time you get to the office you’re stressed, exhausted and pissed off at Starbucks, tall skinny double queues, and feeling kinda guilty for starting another day like this.

There must be another way!


“Sure breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I don’t have time” I hear you lament. I still hear myself, every day…for years…no time. What if I told you that you do have time? I’m not even telling you how to make more time (which is possible, but that’s for another day). I’m saying making something healthy and divine to eat before flying off to work is possible. Trust me!

Quickest, Yummiest, Healthy Recipes

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my quickest, yummiest recipes that are cheap, healthy and fast. Please trust me when I say that these recipes do not take much time. You can get them going whilst brushing your teeth, pulling your socks on or waiting for the coffee machine to get going. Most of them don’t even need to be eaten sitting down (you know the thing retired people have time to do?). You can munch your muffin on the train, chew through your breakfast burrito in the traffic jam or slurp your smoothie waiting on the tube.


Let’s start simple.


With fresh juice and smoothie bars popping up all over the city, there must be something in it. They also must have one of the highest mark-ups on the High Street (how does fruit that costs £1 at the market turn into a smoothie for £4? Those blenders are magic!).


The beauty of the smoothie is they are like fingerprints, each one unique! There are no rules. A spoonful of yogurt or splash of your favourite milk, a handful of fruit or veg, maybe some honey, nuts and seeds. Throw it all in the blender, hit the button and…breakfast is served! You don’t even need to worry about chopping your fruit up into perfectly sized pieces. It takes seconds. My top tip is to keep some chopped fresh fruit in the freezer and throw it straight in the blender. You can even buy frozen fresh fruit from the supermarket, often cheaper than the fresh stuff that often ends up in the bin.

A couple of my faves:


Green Machine

Blend a handful of spinach or kale with a good splash of coconut milk. Throw in some pineapple (previously chopped and frozen is ideal), half an avocado and drop of natural vanilla essence and a small sprig of fresh mint (again from the freezer is ideal). The pineapple is the perfect natural sweetener and the coconut milk blends to give this a summer holiday vibe!

Arabian Night

Soak a handful of cashew nuts in water overnight. Blend the drained nuts with 3-4 tablespoons of natural yoghurt, a small squeeze of date syrup (or blend a couple of chopped dried dates) and half a banana. Filling and nutritious. Fast, frugal and full of goodness.