11 Bra Myths You’ve Probably Believed Your Entire Life

Girls, we all know that with great bras comes great responsibility! You know, finding the right bra, washing that bra, wearing that bra during the right time of day or night, and treating that bra like it deserves to be treated. But, what if everything we know of bras is wrong? We bring to you 11 bra myths that you’ve learned from your mothers and Victoria’s Secret sale associates!

1. No Bra = Saggy Breasts

Most women believe that their breasts sag if they do not wear a bra. It’s a myth, not wearing a bra helps breasts get into their original shape and does not initiate sagging at all. 1-No-bra-=-saggy-breasts Read Also:Does Sleeping In Bra Prevent Breasts From Sagging?


2. Sleeping With A Bra Makes Your Breasts Perky

Many women assume keeping a bra on while they are asleep keeps their breasts perky. It is a myth and it is uncomfortable to keep them tied up all the time. 2-Sleeping-with-a-bra-makes-your-breasts-perky

3. Underwire Bras Up Breast Cancer Risk

There is no evidence or study to support this. This myth spread in the 90s when some researchers claimed that these bras trapped toxins in the breast tissue and increased the risk of cancer. 3-Underwire-bras-up-breast-cancer-risk

4. A Light Colored Bra Is Less Visible

Most women think matching their bra color with their shirt color would make their bra invisible. However, that is a myth. Nude or the skin color is the best color to disguise your bra. 4-A-light-colored-bra-is-less-visible

5. Sleeping On Your Side Results In Uneven Breasts

Every women has one breast bigger than the other naturally, so the idea of uneven breasts are a myth. 5-Sleeping-on-your-side-results-in-uneven-breasts

6. For Bigger Boobs Wear Training Bras

Sports or training bras are designed for comfort and not to increase the size of the breasts. 6-For-bigger-boobs-wear-training-bras

7. Bras Have Fixed Sizes

With every brand, the size of your bra may vary. Depending on the brand you might have to buy a size smaller or larger. Bras do not have a fixed size. 7-Bras-have-fixed-sizes

8.Wearing A Bra To Bed Causes Breast Cancer

There is no substantial evidence that wearing a bra to bed causes cancer. If you are comfortable sleeping with a bra on you can be assured that there is no harm of breast cancer. Until you notice lumps around, you have no cause of worry. 8-Wearing-a-bra-to-bed-causes-breast-cancer

9. Its Okay To Machine Wash Your Bras

Yes it is, but washing your bras in a machine could damage the fabric and hooks. It is best to wash hand wash your bras and air dry them for longevity. 9-Its-okay-to-machine-wash-your-bras

10. The Bra Band And Size Isn’t As Important

The Bra brand is important to keep your breasts firm and in place. The perfect band size would be one you are comfortable wearing on the first hook. 10-The-bra-band-and-size-isn't-as-important

11. It’s OK To Wear The Same Bra Two Days In A Row

A bra needs a 24 hour gap between two wears, so the elastic does not stretch out. 11-It's-OK-to-wear-the-same-bra-two-days-in-a-row