5 Least Recommended Body Parts To Get Tattooed

Tattoos are rapidly becoming the norm. About 10 to 20 percent of American adults have them, and those numbers just keep on climbing.1 For many, tattoos are a form of art and self-expression, but do they still come with a risk? Depending on the body part, it most certainly can.

In general, tattoos already pose a risk of allergic reactions, keloids, and infections.2 This can happen on any part of the body. But if you want to drop your chances, think long and hard before getting tattooed on one of these areas.


1. Face

Face Tattoo Risk: Sun Exposure Harms The Art

The face is extremely sensitive. With so many delicate spots, it’s a risky spot for tattoos! Plus, the face gets the most sun exposure, which can disrupt the healing process. Fading may also come on quickly.


Most importantly, face tattoos are hard to hide. This can stand in the way of prospective jobs, so give it some thought before taking the plunge.

2. Lip

Lip Tattoo Risk: Food Consumption May Cause Infection


Yes, this is totally possible. Getting inked along the inside of the bottom lip is actually quite popular. However, it’s also one of the most dangerous spots.

Unlike the outer skin, lip tattoos can’t be cared for like traditional tattoos. It can’t be washed with antibacterial soap. And since you can’t exactly give up eating and drinking, there’s a high risk for infection, and everyday habits will feel super painful.


Even worse, lip tattoos are known to fade over time. Ask yourself: Is it worth it?

3. Feet

Feet Tattoo Risk: Shoes Dampen The Healing Process


Feet tattoos can be problematic. Healing ink needs breathing room, but when you need to wear shoes, this can be tricky. The constant contact won’t help, either. After the tattoo heals, wearing shoes will also speed up fading and ruin the artwork.

4. Palms

Palm Tattoo Risk: Contact With Various Objects Trigger Infection


Your hands touch things all day, every day. If you get a tattoo on the palm of your hand, think of the healing process. Normal habits like opening doors and holding money will severely increase the risk for infection.

Additionally, like the feet and lips, the palms are a “high traffic” area. Your ink will likely fade sooner than you think.


5. Genitals

Genital Tattoo Risk: Painful Urination

Like the face, genitals are extremely sensitive. The actual process of getting inked will be excruciating! As you heal, going to the bathroom may feel like a nightmare.

It’s even scarier if the tattoo gets infected. The risk for complications “down there” is quite high, so steer clear of tattoos on or near the private parts.

How To Get A Tattoo Safely

Adopt An Ideal Inking Strategy To Be Safe

Regardless of where you get a tattoo, be smart about it.

1. Carefully Choose A Shop

Don’t just stroll into any body shop. Check reviews online, and make sure they have a good reputation. The establishment should have passed all sanitation requirements.

2. Talk To The Artist

Never get tattooed by someone you don’t feel comfortable with. He or she should have the proper certification! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly you feel.

3. Learn Proper Tattoo Care

Tattoo safety doesn’t stop at the shop. Before leaving, learn the right way to care for a tattoo. Closely follow any and all instructions.3

At the end of the day, you have the right to get tattooed wherever you’d like. The most important thing is to consider both sides of the coin. Your safety is the most important.