7 Ways To Own The Body Language Of Successful Leaders

body language of successful leaders

Successful leaders are not just focussed on what their achievements are but also on how they project themselves to the world. A commanding presence, a confident gait with a positive aura can help people gravitate towards you. You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon or be well-educated or have loads of money to feel successful. If you feel secure about yourself as an individual, you will naturally be in a happy place. When you are genuinely happy about yourself then a sense of pride and positivity emanates through the way you carry yourself.

Leaders who have to command a team cannot afford to come across as shy and unsure of themselves. That would not only demean their leadership but also limit their team from reaching for the stars. Here are 7 sure shot body language tips from successful leaders that you can adopt.1

1. Use Your Gestures Effectively And Judiciously

while talking use limited hand gestures

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Gestures should be used very minimally in a conversation and often to emphasize a point. Don’t let your hands go crazy while you speak as this will leave you looking clueless. Too much of waving, shrugging, thumbs up can all make you look frantic and nervous. If you are required to make a big speech or presentation, practice in front of the mirror before the big day to tone down your gestures in such a manner that they ooze conviction and power.

2. Have A Warm Smile

a smile is a positive body language

We are all aware that a smile is the only curve that sets anything straight. However, many of us underestimate the power of a genuine and wide smile. Regardless of the designer wear that you have or the high-definition makeup you wear, you cannot win people if you don’t have a smile on your face. It’s irresistible to not

smile back at a smiling face, that’s the foremost way to break the ice. Go on and smile wide.

3. Eye Contact Is Crucial

make and maintain good eye contact

While conversing with someone, if you really want them to feel that you demand their attention, then a steady eye contact is necessary. Feelings of appreciation, interest, and trust arise when you look into a person’s eyes while talking. It’s also a great way to find out whether your team members are on the same page as you. But ensure that you don’t stare too intently or intimidatingly while talking as that would make people around you uncomfortable.

4. Keep Your Expressions And Words In Sync

facial expressions and words should match

Your facial expressions should echo what you talk. If you are giving your team members a pep talk but your expressions are tense, the entire purpose

is defeated. Always follow the tried and tested norms of positive facial expressions for example, while shaking hands, nod appreciatively and likewise.

5. Walk Like You Mean Business

walk confidently with the right posture

Straighten your posture, no matter what you are doing. Having a good posture while walking means you would have to hold your head high, shoulders back and spine straight with hands hanging out of the pockets. Take wide steps and never drag your feet. A correct posture and a steady gait are attractive and symbolize command and strength.

6. Have A Strong A Handshake

a firm handshake shows positive body language

Regardless of whether you are greeting new people or closing deals, a firm handshake can set the tone of the partnership. Clammy hands with a weak grip are a strict no-no. Before you shake hands remember to dry your palms. Extend your hand out

and execute a firm grasp followed by a gentle squeeze. Make sure that you don’t leave the other person in bone-crushing pain after the handshake.

7. Think Like A Leader To Act Like One

before you act like a leader feel like one

Everything from the way you dress to the way you communicate should speak one word and that’s power! Even when you are having a hard day, take a break to indulge in some supportive self-talk. Remind yourself of all the encouraging remarks that you’ ve received in life as that itself will boost your mood and confidence. This positivity will reflect in your behavior and thought processes and eventually, it would become something really natural to you.2

Enough with the procrastination as it’s high time you became the real leader you were meant to be. For

best results, master these tips and make them a part of your daily pursuit of greatness.