Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer That All Women Must Know About

Bladder cancer can often go unnoticed in the initial stages.

Most of the women around the world are vigilant about their breast exams, Pap tests, cervical tests, and also, skin tests. However, there is one organ in men and women alike that is generally ignored, and that is the bladder. Bladder cancer is generally not on the regular radar of medical tests, but bladder cancer has seen a rise in the recent times.

Bladder cancer is more common in men than women, and it has been found to affect majorly those people who are over 65 years of age. Women are mostly not on the lookout for early symptoms of bladder cancer and are often diagnosed only in the advanced stages of the cancer. It has been reported by NYU Langone Medical Center that bladder cancer has been affecting more than 18,000 women every year in the United States. This is why it is necessary that all of us, especially women, must know the symptoms of bladder cancer as well. Let us see what are the warning signs of bladder cancer so that, if required, we can get ourselves detected as early as possible.


Traces Of Blood In The Urine

(If blood is noticed in the urine, it might be an early stage of bladder cancer.

Blood in the urine is the most common and early symptom of bladder cancer. It is often overlooked by women because it does not cause any pain and can go on that way for weeks and sometimes, even months. It has been proved that many women ignore this symptom as they connect it with menstruation and menopause. It might even be so, and it might not just be a symptom of bladder cancer. However, it is extremely important to discuss it with your doctor if you notice traces of blood in your urine.

Symptoms That Resemble UTI

(The symptoms of bladder cancer often overlaps with UTI.)

The symptoms of bladder cancer often overlap with those of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and this is one of the primary reasons why bladder cancer goes undetected in the early stages. It has been noticed that patients with bladder cancer experience an urgency to urinate, increased frequency of urination, or sometimes, even urinary incontinence, which are all related to UTI as well. It is necessary to consult a doctor whenever you face any symptoms that are related to urination. These could be situations when you want to pee all the time or you feel like going to pee but cannot do it and have a hard time in emptying your bladder. If you are on UTI antibiotics which are not helping you, it might be bladder cancer.

An Unexplainable Pain

Pain in the pelvis, abdomen, and the bones are felt in the advanced stage of bladder cancer.) Loss Of Appetite

Pain in bladder cancer starts only in the advanced stages. Women who are suffering from bladder cancer will feel pain in the abdomen, pelvis, or the flank area. Some patients also feel a certain kind of pain in the bones in the lower abdomen and pelvis. This happens when the pain has spread to the bones. It is extremely a matter of urgency to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing such a pain along with the aforementioned symptoms.

Loss Of Appetite

Loss of appetite and weight loss are common symptoms of any cancer.

A decreased appetite is a very common cancer symptom. Whenever any type of cancer grows or spreads over the area, the patient feels tired, weak, and experiences weight loss. There are always plenty of other reasons for losing your appetite, but if a decreased appetite and weight loss is noticed along with the symptoms mentioned above, a doctor’s consultation is much needed.

It is always advisable to keep a check on your health and reduce any bad habit such as smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. Smoking is a very common risk factor of bladder cancer. So, if you are a smoker and you notice most of the symptoms mentioned here, it is recommended that you consult a doctor immediately. Any cancer, when it spreads and grows, is harder to treat. This is the reason why none of the symptoms of bladder cancer must be overlooked. Keeping your health in check will only ensure a healthy life and happiness, so always get yourself checked as early as possible.