Birth Under Water And Why It Is Gaining Popularity

All moms have perceived the way in which they would bring their babies into the world. Unlike old times, they can make a choice between many methods of birthing. However, every 1 in 3 women undergoes a C-section. Many women feel that the unconventional methods have made the process too mechanical or medical to be handled by the moms alone.

Our bodies are designed in a way that makes birthing come naturally to women and rarely need an external medical intervention, unless really necessary.


Water birth is one such technique that gives a mother control over birth in a relaxed and comfortable way. Many women are opting for a water birth due to a plethora of benefits it gives to the mother.

Proven Benefits Of Water Birth

  • For moms who preferred water birth, the duration of labor in the first stage decreases.1
  • The necessity for administration of pain relieving drugs is reduced in the case of water births.2
  • When in water, moms can choose the most comfortable position or posture of birth, which is not possible otherwise on the bed inside a delivery room.3
  • Water birth have been proven to provide relaxation to the mother during birth and ease the birthing process.4 When relaxed, the mother’s body releases oxytocin, which helps alleviate pain easing the birthing process.
  • When the birth takes place in water, the chances of an abrasion are reduced. Due to this, the risk of vaginal trauma or injury to the perineum lower down in the case of water birth.5

Questions That Moms Ask

A mom-to-be may raise a concern about how will her baby breathe inside the water? A baby will only take their first breath when they first come in contact with air. Water acts like a similar medium for the newborn as the amniotic fluid. So, when the birth happens inside the water, the baby only breathes when they are brought above the surface. Until then, they are connected with the mother’s through the umbilical cord and continue to receive the necessary oxygen and nutrition from her.


When To Avoid Water Birth

Pregnancy complications and multiple births need intervention from the medical staff. Therefore, water birth may not be the best option. However, few hospitals do provide a facility for laboring inside the water with waterproof baby monitoring devices. Make sure the water used for the labor and delivery is disinfected and safe for the mother and baby. Ensure that your midwife or doctor at the hospital is experienced in delivering through water birth.

Having the power and control to give birth, mothers also have a say over the way they would want to deliver their baby. Water birth is gaining popularity around the globe as a better way of delivery. Keeping in check your medical needs, consider your birthing options and make sure you choose what is best for you and your baby.