6 Bewitching Benefits Of Brunch

Brunch is the middle child of the daylight meals. It comes conveniently between two important meals of the day, and that is exactly what makes it so perfect. Generally, we prefer to go for brunches during the weekends. And that makes this arrangement even more convenient for busy bees who are working around the clock the entire week. A brunch is an ideal weekend plan, as it can provide the nutrition of a breakfast and the leisure of a lazy lunch. It provides us with a perfect opportunity to be lazy and outgoing at the same time. Attending parties at night can be a daunting task. From planning for the perfect dress to picking the perfect place to go; all can be invariably taxing tasks. And, brunch relieves us from most of those headaches. Not just that, brunch has many more amazing benefits.

1. Catch Up On Your Lost Sleep

Brunches can give us ample time to make up for our lost sleep. Sleeping for

those extra two hours on weekends can really rejuvenate our bodies and minds. According to renowned dietitian Sharon Richte, we should recharge ourselves by sleeping on weekends to keep our metabolism up and our hormones balanced. Hence, a brunch provides us with that perfect chance. Because of its perfect timing, you can sleep till you are satisfied and still reach your destination on time. There can be no delays in brunch as the window of time is wide.

2. Balanced Meal

Brunch meals tend to be more balanced as they consist of good amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. A brunch gives us enough time to make our choices wisely. Hence, we tend to make better and healthier choices when we are not running against time. This also helps in our digestion, as we take our time to eat. We can chew our food, instead of just gulping it down in a hurry. The ambiance also makes a big difference to our choices.

A study has found that 71% of adults are more likely to try and make healthier choices in a restaurant.

3. Get Some Sunshine

A brunch can give you the required push to get out of your bed in weekends. It makes you get some sunshine. Sunshine can be very good for our mood, teeth and bones. Vitamin D from sunshine can help our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphorous. It can hike up our immunity. Hence, it can help us in keeping our bones healthy, and can save us from debilitating conditions like osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes later in life.

4. Plenty Of Milk And Water

A Latte can provide a good dose of calcium and a required caffeine kick. But, don’t forget to sip some water once in a while during your brunch. This is much healthier than late night alcohol binges. Alcohol can

make you dehydrated. And even if you are hungover at a brunch, you can always refill yourself with some water to ward off your hangover blues.

5. Catching Up With Buddies

This has to be the biggest perk of going for a brunch. Catching up with friends, laughing your stresses and worries away can be the ultimate stress buster. Chilling out with buddies can do wonders for our hormones. Some moments of levity can produce happy hormone, oxytocin in abundance. Thus, it can take away your negativity and fill you up with happiness.

6. No Need To Binge

We tend to binge eat when we are eating alone. That is why brunches with friends don’t allow us to do that. Friends eating from our plates, or sharing with us a plate of munchies, can cut down a lot of calories for us. So, you don’t have to feel bad

later about your poor choices, as your friends would share the burden of calories with you.

Call up a buddy now, and fix up a brunch plan today. Don’t worry about the downsides, because the upsides are much more.