Bash Your Bones For Better Bone Health

Bash Your Bones For Better Bone Health

The word “bash” has several meanings. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one of those meanings is defined as: “to cause or allow something, such as a part of your body, to hit something very hard or forcefully”. Well, that’s what you need to do to build bone health. However, you should build up slowly especially if you already have weak bones.

Bone health is important for overall health

The 2004 Report of the U.S. Surgeon General stated, “Bone health is critically important to the overall health and quality of life of Americans. Healthy bones provide the body with a frame that allows for mobility and for protection against injury. Bones serve as a storehouse for minerals that are vital to the functioning of many other life-sustaining systems in the body. Unhealthy bones, however, perform poorly in executing these functions and can lead to debilitating fractures.”

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– Bone loss begins at age 30 for women and increases after menopause. This is a well-established fact

– How to improve bone health? In addition to healthy eating, avoidance of cigarettes and high

quality dietary supplements, exercise is essential but it’s also important to get the right type of exercise.

– Bones respond to stress and building bones is similar to building muscles. You need to push yourself a little to increase muscle strength and you need to push yourself a little to build bone strength. While any exercise is good for bone, the best exercises involve impact such as jumping, weightlifting, dancing, tennis or any activity where both feet leave the ground at the same time

– Simple Heel Drops can help bone strength.To do a heel drop, rise up on your tip-toes and drop down landing as firmly as possible with the knees straight. This may jar the legs and spine a bit. So, don’t try heel drops if your bones are very weak. Only 60 of these a day has been shown to help bone density.

How does this work?

Change of pressure in the bones bends the bone slightly and causes the proteins in bone to generate a small electrical charge. That charge attracts

Collagen Is." href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">calcium to the bone so the bone becomes stronger. This is called mechano-biology because mechanical forces can have biological effects. Silicon is an important factor in attracting calcium to bone and bone won’t form without adequate silicon. You’ve heard of Silicon Valley because silicon is also important for computers to work since silicon generates very small electrical charges that become computer signals.


Silicon is gaining more attention as an important nutrient for bone health in addition to vitamin K2, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. Most of the emphasis on nutrition to date has focused on calcium and vitamin D, but there are several important nutrients that are often deficient in the typical American diet. The Silical System was developed based on research that identified several vitamins and minerals for bone health that are often inadequate in our daily food consumption.