The Best Vegan Mexican Food: Facts And Secrets

If you haven’t believed the fact yet, it’s time to toy with the idea yourself: vegan Mexican food exists. True that Mexican cuisine can be the hardest to make vegan, as it is often heavily dependent on meats, cheese, and animal fats, but like everything else that exists in this world, it is possible.

What Can Be Done With Mexican Staples?

Although you can always add fake meats and vegan mayonnaise in your Mexican vegan dishes, you can actually start making superfoods of Vegan staples. Black beans can be fermented for a tangy flavor. Squash can be battered with flax seeds and hemp, and then smothered in chipotle almond butter to resemble the famous fish taco with a crispy crust. You can spike the tortillas with turmeric and serve the all-time-loved Tinga Tostada on a chlorophyll-corn base.

Keeping in mind the vibrant and happy Mexican vibes, make matcha cocktails to resemble glasses of alcohol. So, in this way, you celebrate a Mexican meal that is tasty, healthy, and enjoyable.

The Birth Of The Idea Of Vegan Mexican Dishes

Where did the idea of veganizing Mexican food come from? Historically, even ancient Mexican diet was plant and grain-based. So, you can always try to make your vegan friends happy with the tangy, spicy, and mouthwatering aroma of Mexican food.

Why Try Vegan Mexican Food?

It is not true that all things vegan are boring. All things vegan are however, quite healthy. So, next time you go out for dinner with your vegetarian friends or invite them over to your place, respect their choices and try eating something vegan and also, that is something delicious. Spice up the dishes with Mexican flavors that are purely vegan.

A Popular Vegan Mexican Dish

When squash is your bae, worry not at all. True that you won’t like to replace your fish taco, but why not give a good try? Chayote is a common South American squash quite popular in Mexican kitchens. Its taste and flavor have been helping people’s taste buds for years. So, why not make a vegan taco much like the popular fish taco? All you need is chayote with hemp, flax seeds, and chipotle almond butter. You will have a crispy taco if you follow a quick, easy recipe that you can always learn.

Veganizing The Hardest Mexican Foods

Most of the Mexican street foods traditionally incorporate meat in some way; so of course, veganizing them is quite a bit of a challenge. The hardest challenge you might face while veganizing Mexican foods is when you try to make tacos. Only making them vegan won’t serve the purpose; cooking them up delicious and enhancing their flavors to keep it all Mexican holds the utmost importance. In fact, if you want to solve this problem, search for vegetables that would not only hold up well with a variety of cooking methods but also, remain true to tacos. The flavors too must be taken care of.

How Can You Make Cooking Healthier?

Always remember to have fun while you are in the kitchen. You can do this by cooking with more vegetables in creative ways. This will boost the health factor too. Alleviate the need for more oil by using more of those vegetables that are high in their water content. This calls for onions, mushrooms, gourds, cucumbers, etc. Try to cut back on sugar by using more of natural fruits. You can also look out for less-processed starchy foods, and another amazing way to help your digestive health is by using charcoal for heat.

With these tips and tricks, cooking vegan Mexican food won’t be much of a challenge anymore.