The Best Time To Eat 5 Common Foods

Timing is everything, even with food. That’s why breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals exist. But what about specific ingredients? To get the most out of common foods, eat them at the right time. This doesn’t mean it’s bad to enjoy these foods before or after. It also doesn’t mean you need to set an alarm. However, it does mean you can soak up everything your food has to offer. Instead of eating just to stay full, eat to help your body function. There’s a major difference. To get started, check out these five common foods and when to eat them.

When To Eat These Common Foods?

Bananas For The Morning Or Afternoon

Bananas can be eaten in the morning or afternoon


Feeling sluggish? Eat a banana. Its natural sugars will fuel your body and brain, helping you conquer the day ahead. In fact, a study in public library of science (PLoS), one found that bananas can be used as an energy source for exercise. Cyclists ate both bananas and carbohydrate drinks, and bananas worked just as well. Dopamine levels were also slightly higher.1 A banana can also beat the mid-afternoon slump. It’s a smarter choice than a second (or third) cup of coffee. When it’s time for bed, you won’t feel wired.

Nuts In The Afternoon

Nuts can be consumed in the afternoon


For a filling afternoon snack, eat nuts. They’re full of good-for-you protein that will keep you satisfied. It’s also a great way to hold you over until dinnertime. Yet, nuts are high in calories, so don’t overdo it. Eat them in moderation for heart-healthy benefits and a happy belly. To keep it nutritious, choose unsalted nuts.

Meat At Mid-Day

Meat can be consumed at mid-day


Some foods take longer to digest than others. Meat is one of them! It’s on the heavier side, so if you eat meat, enjoy it for lunch. The morning may be too early for such a heavy meal. On the other hand, it’s not recommended right before bed. Heavy foods can make it hard to get quality rest.2 To eat meat for breakfast or dinner, go for lighter options. Salmon, lean turkey, and skinless chicken are smart choices.

Coffee For The Mornings Or Early Afternoon

Coffee can be consumed in the morning or in the afternoon


Coffee in the morning seems obvious, but you can get away with a cup around 3:00 PM. The effects will wear down around 9:00 PM, so you’ll still be able to rest. If your bedtime is earlier or later than that, then you can adjust the timings accordingly. As long as it’s six hours or more before bed, you’ll be fine.3 Remember, some tea has caffeine, too. If you want to enjoy tea before bed, choose a non-caffeinated herbal tea. Chamomile, lavender, and valerian will promote sleep.

Bread In The Morning

Bread can be consumed in the morning


Eat bread in the morning. In fact, this is the best time to eat most of your carbs! They’re the body’s first source of energy, and after sleeping all night, you need to replenish your blood glucose. By starting your day with carbs, all that energy will be put to good use. You might not even need a cup of joe.

The type of carbohydrate matters. Instead of refined white grains, go for whole grains like barley and rye. They’re full of fiber, so they’ll keep you satisfied all day. It’s yet another reason to eat them for breakfast.4