The Best Time To Buy And Eat Pineapples

Are you a fan of these prickly fruits? If your heart jumps at the sight of a pineapple, pat yourself on the back. Pineapples are a great source to add nutrients and sweetness into your diet. But did you know there is a right time of the year to buy and indulge in pineapples?

1. Eat In Season: March To July

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Eating seasonal local fruits can be beneficial to your health. They are fresher, they haven’t been stored for long, and these fruits haven’t been transported across long distances. Pineapples are available throughout the year, though its peak production is from March through July. This makes the fruit perfect to eat for the summer season. They are refreshing, cools down your insides, and gives you a nutrient boost.

2. Check Where It’s Coming From

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Pineapples are tropical fruits. Most of the pineapples you see in the supermarket are imported from Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. They are typically transported by boat or trucks. Unlike their Hawaiian counterparts that fly into the country. Even if the fruit is just 2–3 days old since its import, there is a difference in taste – a taste difference that could be identified by people who eat pineapples in tropical countries.

3. Look Out For Bright-Colored Pineapples

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It’s not difficult to identify the perfect pineapples. Just look out for strong color ones with crisp leaves. There shouldn’t be dark or soft patches on the pineapple.

Why Should You Eat Pineapples?


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Eating pineapples during spring or summer can help increase your intake of vitamins. They are especially known for their vitamin C and manganese content. One serving of pineapple has 130% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. That makes pineapples powerful to fight against cell damage, colds, and coughs.


Bromelain is an important enzyme found in pineapples. It helps reduce inflammation, bruising, and clotting. It is even found to give relief to people who suffer from joint pain owing to osteoarthritis. Taking bromelain orally was also found to have anti-inflammatory effects in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.1

Other health benefits of pineapples include better digestion, bone strength, eye health, and a general boost in immunity.