5 Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

Breastfeeding: 5 Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

When you are new mother, breastfeeding seems quite difficult and requires some getting used to. You see other mothers unbutton their shirt with one hand and hold their little one with the other and feed them in one swift motion without even flinching. Popping their breasts out to feed their baby seems like a regular thing for them, but you might need some practice before you become really good at it. You should learn how to hold your baby in a comfortable position so that breastfeeding is easy for both of you. Being in a good position will help you get a good latch, which is very important. Here are a few breastfeeding positions you must try as a new mom.

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1. The Cradle Hold

Cradle hold: 5 Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

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In this position, you feed your baby with one breast and support them with the arm on the same side as your breast. Their head will be supported with the crook of your arm. This hold works well for full-term babies who had a vaginal birth. You can use this position when your little one is at least a month old as this position requires them to have stronger neck muscles. You can place a few pillows and lie down on your back if it is difficult to be upright for along time.

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2. The Cross-Cradle Hold

Cross cradle hold: 5 Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

This hold is similar to the cradle hold, but differs in the arm you use to support your baby. Instead of supporting your little one with the hand on the same side as the breast you are feeding them with, you will be using

your opposite hand. You will be supporting their head with the palm of one hand and their back with your other hand. This position works well for small babies who have trouble latching on to your breasts. Placing a few pillows on your back and lying on it will relieve some pressure from your back.

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3. The Football Hold

Football hold: 5 Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

Also known as the clutch hold, the football hold is one of the first positions you should try as a new mom. You place your baby on your side and tuck them under your arm like a football. Hold their head with the palm of your hand and help them get a good latch on your breast. Hold your breast with the other hand and guide it to your baby’s mouth. This position works well for mothers who have had a Cesarean section as it prevents the baby

from rubbing onto the incision.

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4. The Side-Lying Position

Side lying breastfeeding: 5 Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

Lie on your side and keep your baby beside you, with its body and head facing you. Roll up a towel or place a pillow on your baby’s back to prevent it from rolling back. Support your head with one arm so that you don’t strain your neck. Use your other arm to hold your breast. This position helps your baby get a good latch onto your breasts.

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5. The Upright Hold

Upright breastfeeding: 5 Best Breastfeeding Positions New Moms Must Try

The upright hold or the koala hold works well for babies when they are slightly older. Sit in an upright position, have your baby sit in an upright position facing you, support its

head with one hand, and hold your breast with the other. This is a useful position when a mother’s milk let down is fast and if the baby has breathing issues.

There is no position which is completely right for you and no position which is wrong. You should try different positions depending on how comfortable you are in a particular position. Make sure your baby is comfortable too as it will influence how well they feed. Yuu should support you back, your breasts, and your baby fully when you breastfeed.