The Benefits Of Having A Strong Back That Will Last Forever

Maybe sometimes your back aches. Maybe you’ve noticed that you slump and slouch and that your posture isn’t so great. Those things tend to happen because your back muscles are weak. They need to be stronger and it’s not hard to have a stronger, happier back, but that takes some effort on your part. You’re going to discover how to make that happen in a moment.
But first, here’s a list of some of the benefits of having a strong back that will last forever.

Health Benefits:

Health Benefits Of Having A Strong Back That Will Last Forever



When you slump or slouch, your heart and lungs get squashed. They cannot function properly when they are compressed. Your intestines get squashed, too, and that leads to constipation. It’s hard for food residue to move through the stomach and intestines properly if you cause pressure on them with a poor posture. Head and neck pain is also caused by slouching. When your head moves in front of your body, it creates a lot of strain on your neck muscles and the muscles at the base of your skull. When your head and neck muscles are “tight” or contracted from muscle strain, it causes headaches and stiff, tight necks. When your back is strong, you will have better health and feel better!

Appearance Benefits:

Appearance Benefits Of Having A Strong Back That Will Last Forever



You can always tell an old person when you see one, right? Well, maybe. Or maybe you are seeing a fairly young person with a weak back and poor posture. When you have a strong back, you can easily stand straight and tall and have the posture of a younger person. When your back is strong, you will look better and younger! Your clothes will fit and hang better, too.

How Can You Get And Keep A Strong Back?

The muscles we will talk about that are involved in regaining a good posture (the posture that you had as a young child when you first learned to walk) are on the back side of your body. All of the muscles from your knees to your head should be strong. A strong back allows you to sit, walk and play with comfort.


The easiest way to start to strengthen your back is in bed! No kidding! When you are lying on your back in bed, gravity will work with you. Sure, there are lots of exercise machines in gymnasiums that you can use, but let’s assume that you are on the weak side and need an easy, gentle and fairly quick way to get a strong back.

So, lay in bed, with your head and neck in a comfortable position. Use only a flat pillow if you need one behind your head. You can use a small, comfortable neck roll behind your neck if you like. Now, squeeze your shoulder blades toward your spine. Most people can do this movement the first time and think it feels good, but if it’s been a long time since you have used these muscles, it may be a little challenging or even confusing for you. But don’t give up! You can do it!


You can also gently and thoughtfully press the back of your head and neck into the mattress or pillow. Gently! This is not a competition; it’s a way to wake up your muscles and get them to function properly, with strength. This movement will help strengthen the back of your neck and upper back.

You can also squeeze your buttock muscles. Make them tight. If you squeeze them rapidly, your hips will bounce up and down a bit. Lifting your leg behind your body when you are standing will also strengthen your buttock muscles along with your hamstrings.


Now you have strengthened all of the muscles on the backside of your body from knees to head. But what about your calves? Don’t strengthen them. Your calf muscles should be soft and long rather than tight and bulky. Having soft calves helps with your posture.

Start out slowly and do each movement only a couple of times, twice a day. By starting slowly, you won’t get sore from overusing muscles that aren’t used to being used. And tomorrow you can do these movements again, only two times, twice a day. In a few days, you can start to increase the repetitions.


How will you keep your back strong forever?

You can do these easy movements every day because it only takes a few minutes and a few times a day. You will be able to do them sitting, standing or lying down. As you continue these movements, your back muscles will get stronger and you will find it easier to stand and sit strong and tall.