Benefits Of STDs We Have Been Overlooking

You should talk to your children about sex as early as possible to keep their eyes open towards the pros and cons of it in an early age. Yes, every guy or girl we met and had something going on with felt like this is “the one”. For some of us, it’s sheer fun. Like pregnancy, it is important to keep your eyes open for STDs. No condoms, no love. But if you read this article till the end, you will discover many health benefits of STDs which will make you look at the other side of the story.

WHO Says What?

According to WHO, more than one million people a day acquire sexually transmitted diseases all across the world. Some of these infections can affect your fertility, some will leave you with major health issues. The best way is to either not have sex (what are we talking about!) or to always have some rubber with you.


As you know, here you will know how STDs are actually benefiting your body. Have you ever thought that what if those nasty microbes are actually fighting with other bugs in your body. A growing number of evidences suggest us to give it a closer look.

It’s been established and practiced well to show that certain microbes are good for your body to keep you healthy. If the balance between healthy and harmful microbes in your body is lost, you might land into serious health issues.

Our Bodies Have Evolved With Microbes: Candida is a yeast which is generally found in the vagina. Its growth down there keeps a check on growth of other microbes in that area, like the Lactobacillus. If there is something which reduces the growth of this bacteria or hinders in its working, there will be a yeast overgrowth in your vagina, causing symptoms of yeast infection.

We Are Full Of Bugs: Your body is full of microbes from your skin to your gut. Maybe it’s not pleasant to think that you have bacteria and yeast growing down there, but you should also believe that your body will not function this easily if not for these microbes. Give a little credit to these little champs.

Let’s get to the point now and talk about the bright side of sexually transmitted infections.Check out these facts on STDs which will blow your mind.



Don’t take things in your hands. Do NOT try them at home.

Fact No. 1

The HGV virus, or the GB virus C is a sexually transmitted infection which does not cause any major symptoms. It is often found with other disease-causing viruses like HIV. The best part of this infection is that it can reduce the chance of mothers with HIV passing the infection to their children by 59%, according to a plethora of studies.

These studies also believe that it may stimulate other parts of the immune system to actively fight the infection. As the GBV-C can also be passed down to the children, there are chances that the children will be able to ward off HIV easily with this sexually transmitted infection which they got from their mother.

Fact No. 2

GBV-C has also been linked to reduced mortality in those who are infected with Ebola virus. It somehow reduces the impact of the virus on its host.

These kind of extraordinary discoveries make us wonder what more can we discover.With the potential benefits of the sexually transmitted infections, a lot more can be done to benefit human health is serious epidemic breaks and health disorders. They are likely to be a host of microbes which are beneficial organisms yet to be discovered with their potential.

Fact No. 3

There are many microbes which help target other kind of infections and hazardous microbial growth in your body.

It may cut our dependence on antibiotics. They often fight against the broad spectrum microbes in your body in order to kill the problematic ones in your body. It will be like a direct attack on the target pathogens to cure your diseases.

Fact No. 4

You’ve been ingesting Lactobacillus with your curd and yogurt.

This bacteria is naturally present in curd and yogurt, and also in your vagina. They keep things in good health in your gut and down there. They are a kind of beneficial microbes, but we are yet to know how much more Lactobacillus can offer for our good health.

These facts and benefits are under research, and it will take a little more time for us to rejoice for sexually transmitted infections. Until then, play hard, but play safe.