5 Long-Term Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Why Do Kids Need Yoga In Their Lives?

A child once sowed a few seeds and watered them carefully. After some days she returned to see if anything had grown, seeing nothing, she dug up the ground and found that the seeds were intact. She covered it, and went back only to return few days later to see if the seeds had sprouted. But, all she saw was nothing. So, she dug up the ground, angrily and examined the seeds. Her father, who had witnessed this, called out to her. He talked to her about the value of patience and faith and encouraged her to water the seeds daily.

The child watered the seeds daily. Some weeks later, her patience was rewarded. The seeds had sprouted into a tiny, delicate seedlings.


This story highlights on the growing impatience, fear of failure and lack of faith among growing children. In fact, children today also have irregular and insufficient diet. Living in the ‘hurry-up’ world of busy parents, school pressure, constant lessons, video games and mall-hopping, takes the attention away from their physical fitness and mental health. All of these areas need improvement.

Playing in the open compounds and gardens is a thing of the past. Usually one thinks that these factors are not stressful for the child, but they eventually do add up. The bustling pace of our lives does have a profound effect on the child’s joy – their birthright which has been snatched away!


In such a situation, it is absolutely essential that parents inculcate the habit of some physical exercises along with mental relaxation techniques in their children. There is no better way than to teach ‘Yoga’.

Yoga helps children overcome emotional stress, endless school and after-school stress, pressure to compete with other children – the list is endless.


5 Ways Kids Benefit From Yoga

  • Yoga helps to navigate through challenges of life with ease. Learnt at an early age, yoga asanas encourage self-esteem and body awareness.
  • Yoga asanas help in improving the overall immunity of kids by restoring circulatory, digestive and respiratory vitality.
  • One of the benefits of yoga for kids is that it inculcates compassion and cooperation in them.
  • Physically, yoga asanas enhance flexibility, self-control, strength, coordination and awareness among kids.
  • Mentally, concentration improves as they become calm and relaxed.

Yoga has an edge over other physical exercises as it acts as a great tool for controlling the mind and the senses. The yogis lived very close to nature and they have used the natural world as an inspiration. When children who are themselves God’s gift, imitate these movements, they get great benefits.

When learnt properly, yoga can help them carry the benefits beyond the classroom and ensure good health. Children have natural abundant energy; it is the art of yogic education that helps balance and channelize this energy through creative use.


In other words, yoga helps direct hyper-activeness into a positive path. Different yoga poses instill different qualities. If the child is taught to learn the attitude behind asanas, they will achieve great heights in their professional and personal life.

Yoga benefits kids by improving their quality of life, tells them how to think, behave and grow to their fullest maturity. It provides them with techniques that consistently help in every area of life.


The small girl in the story was impatient and kept digging up the seeds. However, on the other hand, one cannot plant a sapling and totally forget about it and then expect a tree to grow.

There has to be a sense of duty towards that sapling – to water it daily, give it manure, and see that it gets sunlight. Similarly, parents must realize that yoga is not a one hour or  a week activity. It should be imbibed as a ‘way of life’ in growing kids.