Amazing Benefits Of Sandalwood Oil

benefits of sandalwood oil
benefits of sandalwood oil

Just like the highly beneficial sandalwood powder, sandalwood oil too has immense potential in treating various ailments. It has been widely used across India for ages and its aroma has indeed spread far and wide. Sandalwood oil, a sweet and balmy aroma-oil, is one of the many essential oils that work wonders on the skin. It also contains chemical compounds, which help in eliminating infections from the human body. The oil extracted from sandalwood is commonly used in the cosmetic and skin care industry. The various skin care and general health benefits are listed here.

Skin Care

1. Reduces Acne

benefits of sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil, when blended with other essential oils like Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Vetivert, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Myrrh and Ylang-Ylang, is an effective ingredient for everyday skin care routine. Applying this combination on your skin helps remove bacteria, which eliminates the risk of skin infections, acne and pimples and prevents recurrence.

2. Removes Blemishes

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Sandalwood essential oil is also used to treat wounds, scars and skin blemishes. The oil is extremely potent and must be used in minimal quantities after mixing it with any carrier oil. It promotes cell regeneration by replacing dead skin cells with new cells, which lightens dark spots. Using sandalwood oil regularly minimizes age lines, stretch marks and scars on your skin.

3. Improves Complexion

benefits of sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is famous for its skin-friendly cleansing properties and can greatly improve skin complexion. It acts as a cicatrizant and also improves skin texture and tone, besides healing skin burns. Dry skin is rejuvenated and appears younger after using sandalwood oil.

4. Cures Infections

benefits of sandalwood oil

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Sandalwood oil’s anti-viral qualities successfully cures eczema. Since it is non-sticky, its can be easily used even during summer. It cures skin infections, reduces itching and heals rashes. It can also be used to soothe prickly heat.

5. Chemo-Preventative

benefits of sandalwood oil

A study published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention in 1997 mentions sandalwood’s chemo-protective effects, especially on skin cancer. Traditional herbalists have used sandalwood to prepare skin lotions to treat skin papillomas. The study concluded that sandalwood oil may be an effective protection against skin cancer as it decreased papilloma frequency by 67%.

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General Health

1. Perfumery

benefits of sandalwood oil

Owing to its pleasant and mesmerizing fragrance, sandalwood oil is used in perfumes and deodorants, and can be blended with other essential

oils to create alluring fragrances. Perfumes containing sandalwood oil are used for their aphrodisiac properties. These perfumes also have pheromone-like qualities, making them an important additive to perfumeries and perfumed cosmetics.

2. Aromatherapy

benefits of sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil vaporizes quickly and the compounds it contains triggers serotonin production in the brain, which increases the feeling of overall happiness and contentment. It is an important fragrance in aromatherapy and has the potential to treat stress-related disorders like hypertension and emotional negativity.

3. Antispasmodic

benefits of sandalwood oil

Sandalwood is an antispasmodic agent, which helps to relax the nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Using sandalwood oil regularly can stop muscle contractions and spasms. By relaxing the muscles, it prevents severe spasms. The oil is also used to treat coughs and cramps caused by delicate muscle contractions.

4. Disinfectant ‎">benefits of sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil also acts as a disinfectant and has the power to keeps bugs and germs away. Its  distinct aroma can repel bacteria and bugs, which is why it is even used in insect repellents and pesticides. Room fresheners and disinfectant cleaners often use sandalwood oil for the same reason.

5. Soporific

benefits of sandalwood oil

Sesquiterpenes, a chemical in sandalwood oil stimulates the pineal gland, which produces melatonin, the main antioxidant that regulates sleep cycles, induces sleep and cures insomnia, disturbed sleep and other sleeping disorders. It relaxes the brain and the nervous system and promotes healthy sleeping patterns. It is also a powerful immune system booster and brain power enhancer.

Note: Consult your dermatologist before using sandalwood oil, as it should never be applied directly on the skin.