10 Benefits Of Licorice Tea

Benefits Of Licorice Tea

Botanically known as Glycyrrhiza Glabra, the roots of licorice have been used for ages owing to its numerous benefits. Licorice is filled with compounds such as coumarins, flavonoids, volatile oils, glycosides, chalcones, anethole, and glycyrrhizic acid. These compounds make it an excellent medicinal plant. It is said that a tea made with the roots of licorice is extremely beneficial for throat infections apart from relieving other health conditions such as depression, canker sores, assorted infections, ulcers, skin rashes, liver disorders, menopausal issues etc.

1. Hydrates And Soothes Skin

Hydrates Skin: Benefits Of Licorice Tea


Your skin needs hydration from the inside as much as from the outside. Consuming licorice tea regularly keeps the skin moisturized from within. You can also apply cool licorice tea on your skin and leave it for a while before washing it off. This will leave you with a visibly soft skin.

2. Natural Fairness

Natural Fairness: Benefits Of Licorice Tea


Licorice is known to brighten the skin, making it look fairer. For skin that is bright and fair, prepare a licorice face pack. Mix licorice tea with Fullers Earth and turmeric powder and apply it to your face. Let it dry and rinse off with normal water. Add drops of olive oil, coconut oil or even almond oil to keep your skin hydrated.

3. Cures Skin Disorders

Cures Skin Disorders: Licorice Tea


Licorice has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and demulcent properties which help to reduce inflammation, redness and paves way for faster healing. The hydrating properties of licorice help to trap the moisture and prevents the skin from drying out. Apply cooled licorice tea to cure various skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes, and dry skin.

4. Acts As A Natural Sunscreen

Natural sunscreen: Licorice Tea


Licorice, when added to your diet, can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Make a thick decoction of licorice tea and use it as a sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns, tans, and UVA or UVB rays. As mentioned earlier, it also prevents dehydration of skin by capturing moisture when exposed to the scorching sun. for significant results, apply a pack by mixing licorice tea decoction with crushed cucumbers and apply on your face or sun affected areas.

5. Helps With Hair Growth

Helps Hair Growth: Licorice Tea


Application of licorice tea onto scalp or even oral intake of this tea is known to be beneficial for hair growth. It traps the moisture required by the scalp keeping to it lush for hair follicles to grow. Also, a few studies suggest that drinking licorice tea prevents premature balding triggered by excessive hair loss. For long and lush tresses ensure to drink licorice tea regularly.

6. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Remedy For Arthritis: Licorice Tea


The anti-inflammatory properties of licorice make it an excellent natural remedy for arthritis. Licorice tea, when taken regularly, can help alleviate arthritic swellings and also reduces the pain caused by the same. The joint movements also improve with regular use of this tea.

7. Cures Common Cold

Cures Common Cold: Licorice Tea


This herbal tea is one of the most common and sought after natural remedy for cold and cough. The antiviral properties of this tea help in fighting infections and also increase the body’s immunity. The boost in immunity helps to get rid of the infections easily. This tea helps to ease inflammation and pain and ensures a speedy recovery from a cold. Furthermore, the expectorant properties of this tea ensure the clearance of clogged lungs and nasal passages.

8. Helps To Overcome Depression

Fights Depression: Licorice Tea

Licorice root tea is a natural anti-depressant. It stimulates the functioning of adrenal glands and regulates the synthesis of cortisol. Low levels of cortisol is a major cause of stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue and nervousness. This tea ensures you’re in a good mood by maintaining an equilibrium.

9. Cures Low Blood Pressure

Cures Low Blood Pressure: Licorice Tea

Low blood pressure or hypotension is a medical condition that is common and difficult to cure. Licorice tea is a natural and safe way to treat low blood pressure. Two cups of this tea can ward off stress factors such as dizziness, fatigue, and nausea thereby pepping up your blood pressure to the desired levels.

10. Prevents Cardiac Disorders

Prevents Cardiac Disorders: Licorice Tea

Studies show that licorice tea has the potential to stimulate the flow of bile and keeping cholesterol levels in check. Licorice tea, a potential antioxidant agent, can prevent plaque from attaching to the arterial walls, thereby improving the health of capillaries. On the whole, this tea helps to lower cholesterol levels. The lower your cholesterol levels, the better your heart health and smoother blood circulation.