5 Ways Lemon Peels Can Do Wonders For Your Skin

Not many are aware of the amazing benefits of lemon peels and they often get dumped in the garbage. Lemon peels are more nutritious and have at least ten times more vitamins and minerals than lemon juice itself.

Grated lemon zest has been widely used in various desserts and dishes to add more flavor. Unfortunately, many don’t know that adding powdered lemon peel in face masks or to the diet has numerous benefits.


5 Ways Lemon Peel Is Great For Skin

Lemon peel is a rich source of calcium, vitamins A and C and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. All these nutrients are necessary for both glowing skin and overall health.1

These are 5 amazing ways incorporating lemon peel in your skincare routine transforms its health and texture:


1. Reduces Dark Spots And Blemishes

lemon peel gets rid of blemishes

Take a good look at any skin-lightening cream in the market. You will surely notice at least one ingredient that has ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in it. Researchers have proved that vitamin C is a wonderful nutrient that works at a cellular level to remove dark spots and blemishes.2


Being a potent antioxidant, vitamin C in lemon peel prevents free radicals from causing oxidative stress. It also exfoliates dead skin cells and exposes the lighter skin cells below. Moreover, vitamin C also prevents excessive melanin production thereby preventing skin darkening.

Applying crushed lemon peel on the face with honey or lemon juice or yogurt is a great way to get rid of skin blemishes.


2. Prevents Acne And Breakouts

lemon peel prevents acne and breakouts

When skin pores get infected by pathogenic microbes, acne and breakouts appear. It has been proven that the lemon peel possesses very effective antibacterial properties as it’s a rich source of flavanones. This along with the acidic nature of vitamin C help in cleansing skin and keeping it free from microbes.


If you have acne-prone skin, apply a lemon peel face mask every week.3

3. Removes Tan And Improves Complexion

lemon peel removes skin tan


If your skin is prone to getting tanned easily, you must include lemon peel in your lifestyle as a natural detanning remedy. Lemon peel being loaded with vitamin C in the concentrated form can effectively lighten sun tan and reveal a brighter complexion.

Have lemon peel infused tea daily or apply a lemon peel mask on to your face at least once a week for best results.


4. Prevents Aging-Related Skin Changes

lemon peel protects against aging of the skin

Aging is a combination of various bodily processes. Most skin changes that occur with age are due to free radicals, damaging molecules. As you age, the number of free radicals increases, which if not kept in check can cause damage to tissues. Wrinkles, eye bags, loss of collagen, and uneven skin tone that accompany the natural aging process are all due to free radical damage.

The only way to prevent damaging skin changes is by supplementing your diet with lots of antioxidants. Lemon peel has plentiful of both ascorbic acid and antioxidants that can protect your skin from appearing aged.4

5. Refreshes And Rejuvenates Skin

lemon peel detoxifies and rejuvenates skin

Make a tea out of boiled lemon peels in water and have it daily to give your body a good detox. It has several antioxidants and vitamins that have been proven to be very beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol. They also enhance liver function and elimination processes in the body, thereby, flushing out pent-up toxins.

In the absence of toxins and harmful by-products of bodily processes, the body becomes healthy and naturally, your skin looks re-energized5

Next time you want some lemon juice, don’t dispose of the lemon peel. Instead, make sure that you use it in your diet or skin care routine.