15 Wondrous Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Himalyan rock salt

Himalayan salt is a unique rock salt that is found in the Himalayan belt. This salt has a distinct pink color which is due to the presence of many minerals like magnesium and iodine. This salt is found in its unrefined form which is generally manually mined out of the caves located in various parts of Pakistan and India. This salt is a by-product of severe tectonic pressure for over 250 years on rocks in a toxin-free environment. The most wonderful thing about this salt is that it contains around 80 minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body.

This salt has always been very popular in Ayurveda and various other eastern cultures. Traditionalists believe that the unique molecular structure of the salt can trap and store vibrational energy. There are many who believe that Himalayan salt can balance pH of our bodies, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, reduce signs of aging, improve libido, induce healthy sleep and many other benefits. Traditional medicine practitioners believe that Himalayan salt is much better than processed salt for our health as it doesn’t exert any excess pressure on our bodies to maintain the fluid balance.


Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Benefits of himalayan salt

There are many researches that have been conducted with Himalayan salt. Many articles have been published stating the benefits of Himalayan salt as well. According to the articles published by Dr. Edward Group and Dr. Mercola, the benefits of Himalayan salts are diverse. Some of those benefits have been listed below.


1. Himalayan salt can regulate the water levels in the body and aid in proper functioning.

2. It can help in reducing sinusitis and other sinus-related problems.


3. It can help in maintaining a healthy vascular system.

4. It can improve bone health by increasing bone strength.


5. It can stabilize the pH of the body by maintaining the bodily fluid balance. It can help in maintaining a healthy pH of the brain as well.

6. It can relieve pain by reducing occurrences of muscular cramps.


7. It decreases signs of aging by promoting healthy skin.

8. It promotes healthy sleep by providing important minerals like potassium and sodium to the body.


9. It enhances libido by maintaining healthy blood circulation.

10. It improves and support respiratory functions.


11. It enhances kidney as well as gall bladder health by maintaining healthy electrolyte balance in the body. Himalayan salt has been found to be more beneficial than commercially available processed salt.

12. It can aid in maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar. Hence, it reduces the risk of diabetes.

13. It has been found helpful in enhancing the absorption of nutrients within the intestinal tracts. Hence, this salt can aid in the process of digestion as well as absorption.

14. It can improve the circulatory system by enhancing blood circulation throughout the body.

15. This salt can also help in the creation of hydroelectric energy in cells.

Himalayan salt is an ancient gift of nature to us. The health benefits of this salt surpass the benefits provided by processed salt by several folds.

Himalayan Salt – Research And Findings

 Research and findings

A study was conducted in 2003 in Austria at the Inter-University of Graz with four groups of subjects. These four groups of subjects were made to drink different kinds of water. Out of all the groups, one group drank water mixed with Himalayan salt. After nine weeks, these four groups were examined using IMEDIS system to monitor balance. The group that drank water mixed with Himalayan salt showed great improvement in their respiration, circulatory systems, sexual health, quality of sleep and brain activity.

Himalayan salt is a wonderful salt that can improve our overall health. So, don’t compromise on your health with processed table salt. Make the switch to Himalayan salt today.