5 Benefits Of Pool HIIT You Should Know About

Hiit can be done in water too

Pool workouts are appealing as they are interesting to perform and can burn more calories as compared to workouts in the gym. This extends to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) too. Equipment in the gym can put undue pressure on the spine but exercising in the water adds a natural rhythm to the routine.

It also gets very uncomfortable to follow an HIIT exercise regimen in the gym or outdoors in very hot weather, especially since HIIT sessions only get longer with time. Pool workouts also help in targeting all the areas of the body when the exercises are done in varied suitable combinations, and they are also easier to perform.1

How HIIT In Water Is Beneficial For You

1. HIIT Pool Workouts Are Very Efficient

Hiit in water is very efficient

HIIT workouts demand more of your physical energy and are done for a longer duration than the usual workouts as

they are intended for maximum calorie loss. It is always advised to start slow with HIIT workouts and gradually step up the pace. When you workout in the water, there is only so much pace you can attain before you have to slow down. This is because water adds its own natural resistance to the mix.

Because of this, you don’t end up spending more energy on the first few minutes of the exercise or feel too tired to progress further. You don’t undergo any muscle damage as well that comes with the use of heavy equipment and wrong positions.2

2. HIIT Exercises In Water Are Easier

Hiit is much easier in water

The pool offers an arena with the desired buoyancy and resistance required to perform the simplest of moves with maximum energy

expenditure. It also provides a safe environment for people with the risk of musculoskeletal damage – obese and aged individuals are prone to higher muscle damage when performing HIIT exercises on the ground. Aquatic exercises lessen the strain on all muscles and organ systems, and water provides a calm serene medium to practice your exercises in.3

3. HIIT In Water Improves Heart Health

Hiit help improve heart health

Running at a moderate pace is often looked upon by fitness enthusiasts as an effective aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are meant to increase cardiovascular strength and overall body fitness. Being a zero-impact and low-intensity exercise, running in shallow waters is simpler than running on land and it tones all the muscles that are targeted in

a running session. You can get your heart pumping throughout the workout without fear. HIIT, as an aerobic exercise, can benefit the heart immensely when done in water.4

4. HIIT Strength Training Is Simpler In Water

Hiit in water is more simple than on land

Though it may look like exercising for fun, performing strength training exercises in the pool can be very beneficial. You can complete repetitions easily in the water without the fatigue and exhaustion associated with strength training exercises. You can also make use of the side walls for support while exercising in water.

For instance, lunges can be performed in chest-deep water. Side kicks and curls can be done along different directions in the pool

by keeping your body straight. Any HIIT workout can be converted to a strength training activity in a pool.5

5. HIIT Can Be Effective With Pool Tools

Hiit can be more effective with pool tools

The intensity of the exercise increases when the HIIT workouts are done with the help of equipment. For instance, a jumping platform can be used in the pool to perform jumps. Floatation vests and buoyancy belts are other equipment used for basic and advanced exercises in deep water. Kettlebells are used to perform lunges in the pool. These types of equipment help in getting the additional exertion that is needed by the exercise to increase the physical activity rate while ensuring that the body and its systems are exposed to minimal stress.6

High-intensity interval training exercises are not painful anymore. Try them in the pool, enjoy your exercise sessions, and lose fat faster!