6 Inspiring Reasons To Follow Healthy Habits In Life

The importance of good habits has been lectured to us right from childhood. Often the preachers who happen to be parents and teachers don’t themselves follow most of the good habits they advocate. Being a health-conscious individual is an uphill task indeed these days.

People today are overstressed and overworked. Both of which prevent many from adopting some positive changes to life. Here are 6 reasons why you should embrace healthy habits before this year ends so that you can kickstart the new year on a terrific note.


1. Your Mood Remains Upbeat

effects of diet, exercise on moods

Good habits like following a balanced diet with adequate physical activity have been scientifically proven to boost your mood. When your diet is light and healthy, your digestion will work smooth. If you have a daily fitness regime, you are naturally bound to feel great due to the rush of endorphins and serotonin in the bloodstream.


In addition to eating and exercising right, being peaceful amidst life’s chaos plays a huge role in determining your happiness. Many a time, people who are resilient to change are the most miserable. Loosen your grip on how things should unfold in life. You will realize that you are actually paving way for compassion, joy, and serenity.12

2. You Don’t Fall Sick Too Often

factors that influence immunity


Although your immunity is undoubtedly influenced by your genetics, to large extent you can prevent diseases with the help of a healthy routine. Several scientific researchers have proven that people who performed 150 minutes of any moderate physical activity on a weekly basis are healthier than people who don’t exercise.

Eating the right foods that are rich in antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals are also important for a strong immune system. In addition to exercises and diet, feeling good about yourself and not succumbing to stress are key contributors to the prevention of psychosomatic diseases.3


3. You Won’t Have Any Weight-Related Issues

diet, exercise, and obesity

Weight gain is an indication that you are burning fewer calories than you are actually consuming. The core principle behind maintaining a healthy weight is to eat the right foods in moderation and indulging in physical activity of some form or the other. Excess weight gain can lead to food addictions, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, dementia and depression.4


4. Your Energy Levels Increase

energy levels

Long-term studies have revealed that people who started their day with a nutritious breakfast and indulged in physical activity at least thrice a week had 20% more energy levels. Avoiding foods that weigh you down or make you drowsy is a fantastic way to stay energetic all day long. Yet another important contributor to feeling effervescent all day long is a good night’s sleep.


5. You Age More Gracefully

You Age More Gracefully

Aging is inevitable and it’s nothing you need to get worked up about if you lead a healthy lifestyle. Supplying your skin with nutrients that delay aging, exercising regularly, being stress-free and getting quality sleep can help in preventing aging from affecting you gravely. Studies have proven that individuals who exercise regularly stay more active even as they age in comparison to those who don’t exercise.5


6. You Are Able To Fight Diseases At The Earliest

You Are Able To Fight Diseases At The Earliest

Even if you regulate most aspects of your life, unpredictable health conditions can arise anywhere anytime. A huge part of being concerned about your health involves being aware of diseases that could affect you. You must meet your doctor and dentist twice a year to keep a tab on your health status. Skipping these medical appointments will prove risky in particular for those conditions that can be treated if detected at an early stage.6

Although bad habits might seem hard to break, it’s best to get rid of them before they jeopardize your health. Making good habits a part and parcel of your life is something that will require consistency and patience. The consequences of leading a life based on the right decisions are indeed inspiring and priceless!